Where Did My Money Go? Part 1

Where Did My Money Go?

Our national prosperity is hinged on the financial prosperity of each of us as citizens of the nation. The value of the collective is dependent on what the individual entities bring to the table. Prosperity, it must be said, will not happen on anyone by chance; chance doesn’t favour the unprepared man. Luck as is often said, is preparation meeting opportunity. In the game of life, success is a function of decision and the preparation to make it happen.

In all history, all men who became successful, whether they came from privileged families or from grass to grace, all had a day in their lives when they made a decision that guided all their activities from then on and for the rest of their lives. Our activities ought to be guided by our preferred end, by our dream destination. What our hands engage in will be no wiser than what our mind if full of. As Deolu Akinyemi says “our dreams are as high as we will ever go and our plans are as low as we will ever fall”. Failure to have a plan is a plan to fail in itself. Our minds need to be under our control, we must master our mind. It is our thoughts that will inspire the actions we subsequently take. A famous book declares “our thoughts can be no wiser than our understanding”.

The cure for a lean bank account and poor estate is learning – filling our thoughts with the required financial information that will make our hands war aright. We must learn how to make money, manage money and multiply money. If you have a dream to be financially free, you need to first develop financial intelligence.  You must develop wits before wealth, because if you earn before you learn, your earning will be small or short-lived. Learning should precede earning.

Wealth is practical. Money is practical. How to work it out and have it in abundance can be learnt. As humans we know from research that anything can be learnt. There is a habit to money that would ensure it is surplus at all times, and there is also a habit to money that would make it become scarce at all times. If things have worked out for you with your money habit so far, then I am indeed most happy for you and you fall into 5% of humanity that do not need help; who are financially free, whose passive incomes exceed their living expenses, who do not have to work ever again to earn all that they need. This piece happens to be a wake-up call for  those in the 95% of humanity who are not financially free but desire the information that will set them free from working for money, to money working for them. To develop wealth-building habits e.g. saving regularly, having weekly budgets, abundance thinking, mind over matter, talking rightly and appreciating the value of money.

The goal is to ensure that we can provide for ourselves what we all desire – incomes for the future, passive income.


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