Where Did My Money Go? Part 2


where did my money go?

First law of financial freedom is Make More Money.

For most people, they live in a cycle where they spend more than they earn. For those living above their income and receiving a monthly salary, someone put it this way – they are one month away from bankruptcy, ouch! Expenses being ahead of income is not a strange state for many people, 95% of humanity live this way. The question I ask friends or those I encounter in my seminars is  “if we consistently spend more than we earn, how are we ever going to be rich?”; in this state, it is clearly a highway to financial ruin.

Though it is not a total cure for this condition, but the first law of financial freedom says you need to increase your income, you need to make more money. Alongside making more money, you need to manage your expenses – I said ‘manage’, not just reduce, because just reducing your expenses may not be enough. seeing that for a lot of us, we have various lifestyles which are not bad but which we have adopted: we would love to dress a certain way, eat certain meals, send our kids to a certain class of schools, etc; rather than just dwell on expenses, which we should definitely work on, our needs should drive us to increase our income to equal our expenses and then increase it till we create a surplus after expenses.

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. As regards expenses, a list needs to be made as to what our weekly/monthly expenses are; if you don’t know exactly what comes in and exactly what goes out how can you plan for where you want to be? Getting down our expenses on paper will help you to see clearly and drop the emotional expenses that have no bearing on your financial future.

Then you need to ask how I can raise my income. I have a short answer for you – selling! What product can you sell? What service can you offer? What skill do you have that you can exchange for income? I hear loads of people say that they aren’t cut out for business, that they cannot sell – friends, you had better find what you can sell. Because whether you know it or not, you are selling something. In this world there are two types of people – buyers and sellers, and the richest people are the sellers, because everybody must buy! Even God the creator, gave talents to everyone and he expects a minimum of 100% ROI (return on investment), on the talents He has given, Matthew 25: 14-30 (parables of the talent).

Interestingly enough, in the course of life, when those ‘who aren’t cut out for business’ resign or retire, guess what they go into? You got it right – business< trade or investments mostly! And what they end up doing is failing wonderfully, because 30 years experience as an employee does not even begin to qualify you as an entrepreneur. Wisdom demands that you start now part-time and begin to grow business skills.

One of the best places for employees or small business owners to learn business skills is in a network marketing company. Robert Kiyosaki calls network marketing “The Business Of The 21st Century”, “ The Business School For Those Who Love Helping People” – network marketing is a practical business school. I personally define it as purchasing a franchise in a company that already has a system in place with registration, products, services, training, etc and leveraging on this system to become financially free. I presently am a leader within the Avenues To Wealth Nigeria company , if you are interested in me showing you how to engage this awesome company being driven by renown people like prof Pat Utomi and Deolu Akinyemi, here in Nigeria, then fill the form below.

Make more Money – increase your income!


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