Nigeria: 53 Years Of Perpetual Labor Pains

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Labor pains are used as metaphors when trying to portray a message of deep hurt and anguish in a conversation, and it is appropriate as one of the oldest forms of pains known to man since the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden. The original plan of God for man in the garden of Eden was different; he was put in literal paradise, having everything at his beck and call, foods of all variety, exotic dwelling, one with nature, exhibiting the full ranges of his mind and intellect in naming all the animals, taming wild beasts, living with the perfect love of his life – Eve. But in the process of time, with the manifestation of that ageless evil called greed, man fell from grace, and his struggle to get back up there through the centuries have been legendary. A major fall-out of man’s fall was that Eve would have to pass through labor pains to give birth to her children, and that has forever become a type and shadow, a format for all men who have dreams on their insides. To birth your dream, you will go through ‘labor pains’. The pangs of the season of pain kills some, it deforms some others, many give up and live a mediocre life, while those who stay persistent bear their child – their dream.

Imagine for a moment, that you are a party to a plan that ensures that a woman’s labor pain is paused and she is prevented from bringing forth; that she is forced to remain perpetually in the throes of labor, at the point of delivery and is prevented from pushing out? As you would imagine, that would be an unimaginable wickedness when you consider the pain involved in the experience. I am sure many would say ‘God forbid’, to ever being a party to such evil. I dare say, Nigeria has been at the point of giving birth for so long, so many decades yet by our actions and inactions, we have conspired to keep her in this painful, heart-rending, state.

Nigeria is bleeding, she has been hemorrhaging for decades, she has refused to give up and die, she is hell-bent on delivering the great promise that she carries. She knows what she carries, she knows she carries purpose, a glorious destiny of prosperity and grandeur but she has been midwifed for decades by a band of evil men in leadership, conspiring men in pulpits, a complacent intelligentsia in society, an uninterested elite, gullible youths, passive citizenry and a horde of selfish people. She looks up from her labor bed and cannot believe that this is 53 years and no one has found the good in their heart to set her baby free, to set her potentials loose, to set her promise free to manifest for the world to see. She remembers the dreams she was impregnated with when the founding fathers moved the motion for a Nigerian state, she remembers how the evil midwives overtook the nationalists in the 1960s and how in 2013, no one seeks a different outcome for her in spite of her persistence.

Nigeria is determined to give birth, having seen other nations fall apart for much lesser wickedness, she hungers and thirsts for new midwives that will arise for her. She has grown weak from these midwives who have refused to allow her birth her true seed but have even raped her in this painful state in a bid to impregnate her with a foul promise. She has refused to give up her promise and lives in the hope that new midwives will spring forth, that old midwives will retrace their steps, she is wondering how many more months or years she can bear this pain of perpetual labor before falling apart.

She is gutted at the arson, terrorism, corruption, wickedness, evil, occultism, culture of impunity, etc on display but she is even more gutted at those who can midwife her greatness but do nothing.

Nigeria is in labor and she bleeds, cries, wails, all the while looking at me, looking at you!


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