Slaves Don’t Make Money!

slaves dont make money

On Facebook a last year, I shared something along the lines that the opposite of entrepreneurship is victim; it didn’t go down well with a lot of friends. Of course i didn’t expect people to like what i said nor did i say it because i wanted to be on anyone’s good side but because i feel strongly about the power of personal responsibility and people living to their fullest potential on purpose.

We were all created by God to have responsibility for something, God made us and gave us stuff to create, take control of or manage. Entrepreneurship is a Latin word which means – to create, from the beginning of time, man has always been responsible for themselves. Early men were hunters and weathered the storms literally to create a world of comfort for themselves, in the agrarian age there were farmers, hunters, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, tailors, e.t.c, the industrial age introduced white collar and blue collar jobs, a situation that is largely responsible for a lot of people today feeling like that is how it has always been, that a company or the government takes responsibility for you after you have given 30-35 years of your life. God created us to be creators, to prosper by creating things just like him.

The other option available apart from creating the value is to be employed by someone value, the equivalent of slavery back in the old times. Even in bible times, you were either bond or free, which applies to the lives we live today. We claim to live in the freest times in history yet we are locked into a system that tells us when to stand or sit, awake or sleep, eat or drink, spend or owe, marry or not getting married, what to wear, how to wear what to wear, how to think, how to see the world; it is instructive to note that abysmally few number of people realize that they are locked into a system of slavery that has taken away their own life. This is uncomfortable information for a lot of people and one they would not easily swallow. But the truth is the truth and the earlier you know and acknowledge the truth, the earlier you become free as a result of the truth that you know. So are you creating any value? Are you building your dreams? Or someone else is employing you to build theirs?

Talking about entrepreneurship in this light made a friend ask me on Facebook, “how much have you made?”. How much I have made? The truth is, if i say, $50,000 or $1,000,000; what difference would it make?  People only understand what they are ready to learn! They say, when the student in you is ready, your teacher will appear. I realized that question was just a way of that friend dealing with the salient point i just made above. But is that the best posture to take? Is that the best way to deal with it? It is not the amount of money you possess that makes you wealthy – you are wealthy when you earn enough money passively, to spend on what you need and at the same time, you have perfect health, strength and also the time to do what you want to do how and when you want to.

So how much passive income do you earn? In other words, how much do you earn without working actively right now? It doesn’t matter if you earn nothing passively at the moment; the question is, are you building it? I am! And I’d ask that you prayerfully think about this. No matter what your salary is, i mean even if you earn $1,000,000 monthly, if you get sacked, retire or stopped working today, how much longer can you survive at the level of that salary or even much less?

IMAGINE that RIGHT now, what you earn passively, can take care of all your living expenses, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE rest of YOUR LIFE?

**don’t hurry and answer away; think and answer** Honestly answering this question would make you realize why you must begin to build passive income! ONLY FINANCIALLY FREE PEOPLE CAN REALLY TRULY ASPIRE TO CAUSE CHANGE IN NIGERIA!

The rules of money have changed drastically over the last 50 years, don’t be behind the curve, stay ahead of it!

God bless you.


5 responses to “Slaves Don’t Make Money!

  1. Empathy & Goodwill come to mind at this piece.

    Empathy makes us sincere or objective about the needs & issues & challenges & aspirations of people, both ours & that of others, both real & unreal, both practical & impractical, both justifiable & unjustifiable.

    Goodwill makes us fair to people, both to others & ourselves, it makes us responsible for people in both general and special ways,

    Responsibility is our ability to be responsive to what we are sensitive about, we must be objective or sincere in being sensitive or cognitive about people & the needs, issues challenges & aspirations of people, we must be cognitive of human capital development as YOU put it, one with purpose must begin to plan towards realizing one’s purpose, and provision comes along the path(s) and patterns of diligence that one patiently and persistently follows, it is as physical growth noting one’s sensations and living accordingly, one must by choice grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and productively, to jump the step of fulfilling responsibility in attempting to enjoy rights, is like people who have a sense of entitlement without evidence of commitment, such enjoyment of rights and sense of entitlement never satisfies, such people are never content, so first things first, we have a right to be responsible, and responsibility is the first right we must exercise and enjoy

  2. This is a good one Yoma. So true. But my question is this…. Who will help entrepreneurs to run their company if everyone creates his or her own business? While you’re answering the question, my take on it is that people should be the best at what they do. Some people are born administrators, and these are the kind of people that should help run one’s business. I believe that the essence of working in an organisation is to add value, and that is what makes the world go round. When everyone adds value according to their specialisation, everything comes together as a whole, and which is followed by growth. For example, if there weren’t peoople working in banks as bankers, or in hospitals as doctors, who would attend to u when u need an emergency? I just believe that u can be an entrepreneur in ur area of specialisation…. Be the best in what you do and most importantly— add value with the knowledge you have. And for every employer, you should have a plan. You can’t be an employer forever. Set a target for yourself; determine how long you want to work for, i.e the duration of time you wanna spend working for someone, when u want to retire and what u want to do after you retire. Some people work for only five years, some ten years, some more or less. #justsaying… I hope I haven’t talked too much.

    • Thanks for your comment. but i think you contradicted yourself when you said some were ‘born’ to work in organizations, then you later say “you cant be an employee for ever”. I have not said people should not get jobs, i have not said employees are wrong people. i said you are created to control something. i normally tell people to forget about the rest of the world and whether the rest of the world is interested in being employees or not. Focus on YOU, you are the most important asset to you. rather than bother about the number of people that will be employees.

      *Treating all the parts of you comment will require another post, but id love you to search through the blog for WHERE DID MY MONEY GO , part 1 & 2; and others.

      What we have discussed here is a first start. Who were the employees of yester-years? Slaves. Who were the employers of yester-years? Slave-owners. I just use really harsh terms but that is to show the severe reality of the situation. I think it is a curse to wait till retirement and look for what to do; my dear people who do that, end up with nothing. The most they can get are children who support them for the rest of their lives. i dont think anyone would love to live that way.

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