The Benefits Of Trouble!

the benefits of trouble
Turbulence. A period of disturbing shakings. Periods of turbulence are seasons of change, no one wants to be in trouble but it is clear that deliverance, change or triumph is preceded by some form of turbulence. God did not promise us a turbulence-free life, but He promised us peace. “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives…” – Bible; David in the bible, also spoke about 1000 falling by your left, 10,000 at your right hand, yet it won’t come near you, and ‘only with your eyes will you behold…’; there is no way 11,000 people will fall around you that things won’t feel turbulent or chaotic, but God promises that your peace is assured in spite of the turbulence. The book of Psalms says ‘…many are the afflictions of the wicked but the lord delivers him from them all’. All the troubles or turbulence that we encounter seeks to birth a new season in our lives.

There are things to take note of in times of trouble, i share three key things i meditated on here. If you are in one now, take note; if you are not in any, prepare before it comes, because it comes to promote you.

1. Reflection
This is the best time to introspect & evaluate where you presently are relative to where you want to be and your goals in life. Many times we may not even have stopped working towards our dreams but we have gotten involved in so much activities, things that have no bearing to our preferred, desired destination. Being involved in a good activity, does not equate walking in purpose. Your reflecting may require you retreating to have a discussion with your creator – you see the curve but He sees around the curve. When Daniel was given the news of the sentence of death over the lives of the prophets, wise men and seers, because the king couldn’t remember his dream, what did Daniel do? He told them, give me sometime. He went to God & secured the king’s dream & interpretation; guess what came out of that experience? A promotion!

2. Communication
Turbulence may come as a result of your words. Did you miss out on a season with God? Did your communication change? Did you invite a new dimension of spiritual operation in your life because you were careless with your conversation, interaction or influence in your space carelessly? The spiritual controls the physical and the spiritual is operated via the instruments of words, hence the popular saying “words are powerful”. The good book says “once the hedge is broken, the serpent will strike”; do not renege on your standards, your life has a minimum standard requirement for conversation and the people you interact with. We are a garden of honor, prepared for great things on the face of the earth, we have been given an assignment to establish a legacy of honor on the face of the earth. Do not despise who and whose you are. Do not cast your head down due to the issues of your life, do not be careless with how you speak about your life because you are having some level of failure or success. Hold fast your confession, keep your preferred end on your lips. Do not compromise the standard of your interaction and communication in good times or in turbulent times.

3. Expectation
We have been equipped by God to define our outcomes, and choose our results. The bible says, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’… What do you expect when turbulence rears up its head in and around you? Do you suddenly change your confession from ‘I am the head and not the tail’ to ‘Jesus, Jesus, I shall not die, I shall live?’, moving from the hope you have confessed in time of peace to the ministry of fear? We do not loose heart in the midst of trouble. We can look in the eye of the storm and hold on to our expectation and determine that this is working for us a far greater weight of glory. Expect in faith that God is communicating a new level of glory via the turbulence of your life. Your expectation shouldn’t waver in the face of turbulence, as the bible says “hold fast your confession..”

Turbulent times are evidently a time for personal development and promotion. Leverage on the opportunity, do not allow your troubles go to waste.


One response to “The Benefits Of Trouble!

  1. True, no wonder Jesus said we shall hear of a variety of calamities, apparently it won’t touch us, no wonder Jesus also said we should lift our head up because our redemption is near when we see all these variety of calamities happening together, so apparently again, it won’t befall us, after all he said, some of you they will kill, implying that some of you they won’t kill, meaning some may of us may die by other means than be murdered in martyrdom, and others may not die as Enoch & Elijah, so to lift up our heads, is also to upgrade our thinking, to elevate our minds, because our redemption or salvation Jesus the word is nigh us even in our mouths…selah

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