Adulthood Sucks. Want To Succeed? Revisit Your Childhood!

Children are such a great symbol of peace, love, innocence and joy! You could walk up to a child and no matter the pain in your heart, something within you gives way and you just offer them a smile. No one of us wants to be the one that hurts a kid, we feel terrible like we’ve committed a grave sin. What is it about kids that elicits such upright behaviour from us? I mean its so deep that in the recent Westgate mall terrorist attack that rocked Nairobi, a 4 year old confronted one of the murderous marauders, calling him a ‘bad man’, this act of ‘bravery’ saw his family being spared and he and the sister walking away with chocolate bars. Its highly instructive that a mass murderer would go to extra lengths just to be on the good side of a child!

What is it about kids that gives them this strength and ejects such extra efforts of goodwill from us? Is there any process or principle at play? Is there any skill we can learn and apply as adults? I mean we are talking about a potentially life-saving attribute here. If there was a skill or principle that would make others react favorably towards me and enable me save myself and my family from ‘murderers’, I would love to have that! What about you?

Even Jesus said that to enter into his kingdom, we have got to have the mind/heart of a child. He also said “suffer not the little children to come unto me..”; in another situation Jesus cursed any one who will be fingered as being responsible for any child to fall, that a stone being tied to his neck and being thrown into the sea is a better deal compared to what will be done to that man. WOW! This children thing seems to be a massive deal to God and to man.

Why did Jesus single children out to serve as an example for his disciples, and by extension, for us? Human beings, especially when we are young, do everything they can to “grow up” and reach adulthood. Yet Jesus thought children were precious for a reason! What is that reason? I figure that if we can decipher and imbibe the principles or skills of children, it would absolutely boost our productivity, increase our client base, grant us favour with those that like us and those that don’t, help us deal more easily with hurt and pain, put us on the good side of the curator of the universe and give us the purity of heart we so earnestly desire as adults.

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” (Matt 19:14 NLT)

As a people seeking success in our daily pursuits; i feel there are major treasures we need to learn. I did a little study and from observation, i have listed ten key qualities of kids that are super required, if we are to hit their heights that they have with God. I want to be successful, if you want to be too, lets work these out:

  1. Complete Trust : children are the most trusting people on earth; they trust strangers, they trust their parents to protect and provide, they smile at you expecting a smile back, they go all out naked in front of strangers and think nothing about it.
  2. Teach-ability/Humility: children are always in a position to learn. They are learning whether you are teaching or not. Every action you engage in, their target is to reproduce what they have seen. They are humble enough to even learn from themselves, not bothered about the age, class or status of the person teaching.
  3. Focus on the Now: children are so locked into the now, they express themselves fully today, here and now; not looking to hide anything. They see another baby now, they walk up to play, not waiting to see if they will be rejected or turned down. While they are laughing, eating and crying, they are here and now.
  4. Uninhibited Joy: children are always happy, excited, playing, laughing; it is interesting because no matter what is going on around, a child is looking for the nearest space and toy to play. They could just finish crying and the same breath slide into serious play. The situation of the world and people around them doesn’t limit their burst for joy. they are always rearing to go.
  5. Purity: the last thing a child has in their heart is bitterness or evil or wickedness against anyone; the purity of their spirit draws you to them. You can be sure no evil word is coming out of their mouth and that they do not have a score to settle.
  6. Ability to dream BIG: children believe anything is possible. I have not seen any child who didn’t not believe they could fly, conquer the world, buy air-crafts for their parents and have an endless supply of money to do anything. Kids have the dream-big ability.
  7. Forgiveness: you can hurt a child and pick up the child after a few seconds and they are not carrying an iota of the bitterness with them. it is amazing, how they easily let things go among themselves compared to adults. Kids are in a world of their own. They fight over toys and the next minute they are rolling of the floor together having a ball. They could be crying yet stretch their hands to play with the offender.
  8. Ability to enjoy themselves: give it to the kids, they will have a ball no matter the situation they find themselves. It seems they exist to have fun. They are always rearing to go; if they are eating, its got to be fun; if they are with daddy, mummy or strangers, its got to be fun; if they are going to school, its gotta be fun. They are always set to enjoy them selves.
  9. Creativity: kids have the most unbelievable ideas on earth. They create their personal stories out of cartoon movies, they build houses, cars and create little families, etc. They paint a world that is hard for you to see yet very tangible for them.
  10. Self-confidence: children are very out-spoken giving credence to the observation that ‘shyness is learnt’. They ask the most horrid questions on anything and everything. Their boldness many times, leaves you uncomfortable; you wonder how kids can be so self-confident. They learn every new thing and keep going out there after the couple of past efforts ended up badly.

I personally believe that these are key principles that everyone of us must engage, develop and imbibe. i don’t know any child who is a failure. Kids get whatsoever they want; they dream it, they share with you, you provide. Understanding the subtle qualities that makes kids tick, would go a long way to provide us with all the answers we seek to become successful!


4 responses to “Adulthood Sucks. Want To Succeed? Revisit Your Childhood!

  1. True, profound realizations, I AM Child and Son of God, Set in his way, expressing his truth, living his life, you cannot tell a Child that he cannot be as his father without him reacting at least inwardly against your words or claims, hence being Childlike is being Godlike, Jesus would not ask us be as what he is not, to be Childlike is to be Godlike, when we are Childlike together, we are Godlike altogether, Childishness is the world we overcome, Childishness is unlike God, we know the difference between being Childlike and being Childish, being Childlike is being invincible in Spirit, it is loving all as God loves all…

  2. Wow! Inspiring write up. I must revisit my childhood. Thank God I still hear compliments from people that I still trust & forgive like a child.
    I love, love, love this! Touched my heart in an entirely different way! ❤ ❤ ❤

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