Finding Mrs Yoma Victor: “She Loves Me, Yet She Told Me ‘No'”


Now we all know about being friend-zoned!

Trust me, if you are a friendly, nice, caring, maybe handsome, morally balanced dude or lady, chances are you have been friend-zoned a couple of times! In case you do not know the meaning, Wikipedia defines the “friend zone” as a platonic relationship wherein one person wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other does not. This condition, (yes, its a, is generally considered to be an undesirable situation by the lovelorn person; eyah. One sign of being friend-zoned is being told that they are “considering” the relationship. Once the friend zone is established, it is pretty difficult to move beyond that point in that relationship.

In case you were friend-zoned many times in the past, and just realized what it is called, welcome from ya sleep!

It is such a big deal in today’s culture. The person being friend-zoned is regarded as a slacker, a loser, not a sharp guy, or an assistant boyfriend or girlfriend. Point is, being in the friend zone is harrddddd … Now i believe there are varieties of friend-zones, not all are as bad as i have painted above, some are just meant to be for life, for others, the pain of not getting the preferred other is not as strong as in some other cases. Matter of fact, some would argue that if you cant get what you want, settle for the next best thing; there is always the possibility of a miraculous change of mind by people. And it could go from friend-zone to life-partner area.

She told me ‘no’ but she still loves me quite captures my experience in the friend-zone. And for those who would care to know, that friendly, nice, caring, maybe handsome, morally balanced dude“, i spoke about at the beginning of this post was ME *eyes rolling*. i have been friend-zoned so many times (you know yourselves)i will soon be selected into the friend-zone hall of fame. i am not angry though, i don’t feel bad, it simply says i am dependable, caring, i am a shoulder for people to lean on, and people can count on me to be their friend. What better endorsement do i need? Thank you friend-zone.

For those who think of themselves as losers because they were friend-zoned, you have to understand that you are special, if not you wouldn’t even make it to the zone; understand also that everyone has their likes and dislikes and faulty or not, God doesn’t mess with our right to choose! You weren’t picked, someone else will pick you, best believe that.

I still find myself thinking about what if she changes her mind, i hope i wouldn’t have her in the friend-zone then? i hope we can still happen? Yet as i think, even if it never happens for us, i would most definitely celebrate the gift of being her friend, the privilege of having this gem of inestimable value as my friend for life.


4 responses to “Finding Mrs Yoma Victor: “She Loves Me, Yet She Told Me ‘No'”

  1. Amos 3:3, two cannot walk together except they be agreed
    1John 5:7&8, there are three that bear witness or have trust or keep faith or sustain agreement in heaven, the father, the word and the Spirit, they are one: there are three that bear record on earth, the spirit, the water and the blood, they agree or have concord in one.

    That said, the one zone is fullness of oneness and suffices all who seek to have the unity of Trinity by sincerity and equality, whether or not it is oneness as family or friend or business partner or community member or country citizen or dating or courting or married (with or without being wedded).

    A wish to date, court or marry someone is a wish, and good one, yet only by mutual agreement is it established even as God says he establishes our agreements, approving agreement as his, while temporarily permitting other agreements unlike his with Jesus and the Spirit,

    Romans 1:19&20, all that is to be known of God is already made known to all by God, even the Godhead/union/oneness and the Eternal Power/Strength/Omnipotence, so we all have no excuse to relate different with one another outside oneness and we have no excuse to devalue the excellent power within our earthen vessels to purpose and propose and plan products and services different from that of God,

    Once we have oneness or want to establish oneness, we have satisfaction, and with whomever we find oneness as is appropriate, we are okay, noting however that God is not biased or perverse to condone homosexuality and inequality, hence Love or oneness is sincerity and equality based unity by agreed persons that benefits humans and nature

  2. Avoiding the hazardous friend-zone isn’t so hard, once you have the requisite skills. Four things to be aware of though:
    1. Know thyself;
    2. Know the game;
    3. Adorn thy moves with gallant habiliments;
    4. Waste no time, press play.

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