This Nigeria Is Not Jonathan’s Fault!


The person you are becoming in the process of being successful is more important than the money you make, simply because money counts for nothing if it has no impact on the lives of people. Money in and of itself does no good, the person handling it determines its effect. It is said that money does not make people bad, it basically reveals who people truly are. Money doesn’t make you or mar you, it simply amplifies who you really are. So that someone grew up in poverty is no guarantee they would be good people or that some on grew up in wealth is not a guarantee they would turn out wicked or pompous. There currently is an erroneous belief by lots of people and  some religious folk, that if you want to see happy, content and good people, go to the poor. I once saw a tweet that said “make money with the rich, but if you want happiness go among poor people”. How dare any right thinking person celebrate poverty in any form? Its crazy! Some things ‘sound’ nice, but that is all to it; they ‘sound’ good.

If poor people have peace and happiness, why else do we have a high return on criminality and corruption in Nigeria? Poverty is a state of mind, not about the amount of money in the bank, or like in the case of our nation, money in the ground, air, bank, everywhere. There seems to be money everywhere you turn in every state in Nigeria yet poverty prevails. The basic elements that will ensure that we have at the least individuals who will think with future perspective are non-existent; financial wisdom has eluded this nation so far because of our culture of impunity, laziness, lack of accountability, non reward of excellence and a celebration of mediocrity. It is such a terrible situation Nigeria finds itself, in that a nation so rich in possibilities has its resources being handled by folk who are the top of the class in financial ignorance, irresponsibility, impropriety and selfishness.

If we as a people do not realize the trouble here, we will continue to propagate this same level of base leadership. We need to ask for more for our future, for our children, for posterity. If the past generation did not fight enough for a new Nigeria, we need to project into the future and decide to say “never-again, no more poverty”. It is shameful that compared to nations who possess less than 10% of our capacity in terms of natural, physical and human resources, are 300% better than us in every human capacity index possible. Singapore imports water, think about it, and their taxi drivers live better than high paid executives in Nigeria. We have got to want more for ourselves, our kids and our future. Life lived for ourselves alone is selfish, we need to give our all to secure a future full with a destiny of prosperity. The madness we find ourselves today was planned and carefully orchestrated to keep one of the most creative people on earth in bondage. It will take another plan, by a different set of people.

Revolutions and change have begun only with people that got disturbed enough with their present position because leadership was denying them the possibility that their nation provided. It mostly began with an educated, dissatisfied middle-class. Even though many posit that the middle-class in Nigeria is non-existent, but I do not agree. When you consider those who can afford three square meals and pay rent compared with the millions who live in huts, under the bridges and eat once in three days, it will be unfair to class Nigeria as simply upper class and lower class. I would not want to place a demand on the lives of the hundreds 112 million Nigerians who live on less than $2 per day, but what about the 20 million that can afford to give an extra 200 naira as offering every Sunday? What about those who can afford trips to Ghana, Dubai and South Africa once in two years? What about those who have Blackberry phones and subscribe monthly unfailingly? Those inspiring corruption and propagating poverty are less than 1 million; how can 20 million people give up and resign the future of 160 million people now and the projected 300million by 2050 to doom? Are we even thinking? Do we even think ourselves responsible? Do we not think that we, the intelligentsia of society have contributed more to the tragedy we experience in Nigeria today, much more than the leaders who rig themselves in? this empowered class needs to lead and fund the revolution for the 112 million to follow.

This poverty isn’t going anywhere. No amount of prayers will cause a miraculous change in fortunes if we do not step up, step out, crash this status quo and entrench financially intelligent people. It is not President Jonathan and his likes that have impoverished Nigeria. It is those of us who know better but do not do better than talk, tweet, post and complain. If we do not arise and commit to rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty, we need to understand, that this Nigeria we see today, is not Jonathan’s fault but a nation being destroyed by you and I.


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