He/She Is the Person For You

he/she is the right person

Our actions receive judgments now, in the long term and in eternity. For those who think it is permissible to live anyhow they like because they can deal with the consequences at the end of their lives or the hereafter, point be made known – you will be judged here in this life, in the short-term or the long term.

I once heard the story of a man who was a cultist as an undergraduate. He terrorized so many people, so many souls. Brought heart break to many families and cut short the dreams and aspirations of many with his incessant destructive activities on campus. A terror to all and feared by fellow cultists, he made his way out of school alive and got into the world of business. Becoming a success in a short while. It all seemed so unfair, as people felt he should have a terrible life. But note and understand that God is merciful and kind, slow to anger and rich in mercy. Things so happened that this man got married to the love of his life and had kids himself who grew up to become successful. Today, the story is one of the man still alive, wealth still intact, but his entire family lost. Question is, looking back; would he have refused to engage in murderous activities just so he could keep his family alive? I think the answer would be an over-whelming YES!

Living, thinking and acting with end in mind is one of the most powerful principles anyone of us can practice. It is said that wisdom is a natural manifestation of long-term thinking. People engage in the mundane, the unimportant and in out rightly foolish activities because they do not have the picture of the future locked down in their mind such that it regulates their daily activities. Having a clear idea of where you are going will in itself, select the kind of people you would want to associate with.

It has been shown that our communication and associations largely direct the flow of our lives, either into a positive end or a disastrous end. The end of a matter is very important. When you easily allow people of low quality into your life, it is a manifestation of your lack of direction or lack of clarity of purpose. If a beautiful, nice lady marries a kick-boxer or as my pastor puts it, a man who is into hands-on-management, lol, it isn’t the man we should focus on, it is the woman who seemingly having the sufficiency of all physical qualities, didn’t choose her man with the end in mind. Loads of people marry for today, not for tomorrow.

Your associations will determine how far your endeavors will go. Growth is a function of many different influences, very importantly, the influences of those around you. You might want to paste that last sentence on your wall. Having everything you need without the right people is tantamount to having nothing at all. You  have to position yourself to meet and invite the right people into your life by being clear about where you are going and then allowing that end inform the decisions you make. They say and I agree that we are as strong as our weakest link. Begin to evaluate all your associations today and determine that this week onward, I will allow in people I can learn from, those who are teachable by me, and those I can work with. Let him or her be one that adds to you, not subtract from you.

Be informed in writing about your dream and goal for every area of your life – relationship, marriage, business, career, politics, activism, etc. Once you are clear about your preferred end  for any dream or activity, and you have chosen your work for that activity, then he or she whom you choose with that knowledge, is the person for you.


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