Finding Mrs Yoma Victor: Finally, Am I In Love?

in love

I had a really long day a few days ago, having just come from a couple of business trips, I set out to Calabar a pretty interesting place. Its officially the tourist capital of Nigeria hence there are always high expectations of people who go there. Its is for this reason I decided to absorb the city and explore as much as I can. But all I could enjoy was 1 hour of Tinapa and then it was off to work.

Empowering people and motivating them to ‘do’ is such a privilege and its a place I want to constantly find myself, hence I stood for 8 hours plus teaching, sharing and motivating a couple of young people.

…then I saw her! I am a sucker for love. Romance trips me – the entire length and width of being short of breath because you love someone is an adventure I am intrigued by. I love LOVE!

Though I’m a very strict person as regards my values, my mind is open to fall in love with maybe the least likely person possible. So it wasn’t surprising when my elevator door slid open and a goddess in a yellow flowery gown, tall svelte slender figure, chocolate skinned beauty was standing out there, ready to step in. Though I was in a hurry, I stood transfixed to my spot in the elevator. She smiled and asked ‘are you stepping out or what?’, I gathered myself together and replied, voice shaking a little, ‘only if you are stepping out with me’. She was like for what? I replied,”I don’t know but I know you would want to find out”…I guess she saw in my eyes that I was stricken by her or maybe she too was almost in love with this tall, dark and handsome guy… There and then began in the most awkward of ways, the love story of the century.

We felt the same way, no need for words but words had to come all the same. I was a happy guy for once in a huge while – no, not regular Yoma kind of happy; i mean really care free happy! I didn’t care what the world said. We went round the length and breath of Nigeria as work and business took us far and wide. It was the definition of rest for me. I was at peace. For once, the whole idea of being in love made perfect sense. It was so good it actually didn’t make sense.

Ada is the epitome of exotic woman-hood. A jewel of inestimable value. She is comfortable with my friends on the big stage and high street; and she is homely at home. Blessed with business acumen, she also is humble about her hard work. She worked so hard at every thing that she was about that it inspired me to want to be my best my people, being in this kind of love is IT! We are on our way to the airport in a few days to take a trip to Dubai for a much needed vacation; this is going to be the romantic event of the year – it feels that way. We decided to meet up at the Ikeja Mall to see a movie after fine-tuning our vacation plans….

Then i heard a knock on the door of my hotel room and woke up from the dream i was having. The greatest love of all. My students were waiting for me downstairs at the training room of the hotel; i washed my face and realized i had taken a nap from training for about 5 minutes.

What a love life i am going to be having. DREAMS DO COME TRUE PEOPLE. I KNOW!


5 responses to “Finding Mrs Yoma Victor: Finally, Am I In Love?

  1. Lol! Crazy! The dreams that keep the single and lonely hearts filled with hope. What would we do without them? Lol!

  2. Plz let’s know when Episode 2 Season 1 happens too…
    The beauty of life is the capacity of our mind and imaginations to fashion out our wildest dreams even in the most unseemly instance…
    anyfin can happen anywhia if we could just close our eyez and dream…
    Thanks for this piece @Yomzie.

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