Yoma Victor: STORY OF MY LIFE!



For those who have known me for a bit, i am pretty unconventional. I make it a duty to go against the norm in my dressing, actions, speech, thinking, etc. Not for pride sake but because Iv always been scared of getting lost in routine activities & end up losing myself in a rat-race to no-where.

In line with this attitude which I believe successful people must possess to a certain degree, I went seeking for what to do, to empower myself financially. I always knew the world had changed. I saw my mum and her peers complain about the civil service. I saw oil workers in Warri retire and become broke in 2 years; I saw older friends roam the streets for years seeking for jobs the oil worker retired into poverty from. And I told myself, there has to be a different way.

My quest took me through experiences and to places I would never have gone, and to meet people I would never have met in 10 years. I didn’t get there because I was rich but because I had a history of failing but never giving up. I am in a position today, where I partner with people to look at the future with hope and work towards success just because I dared to fail many times.

Over 3 years ago, my quest led me to A2W Nigeria. Today, I am already a part of the success stories of people 3 times my age. I have a network of hundreds of young, middle-aged & old people all over Nigeria who are working towards achieving their financial goals. I have 3 different Businesses I am growing; & the time freedom to do more. Thanks to A2W Nigeria!

At the A2W LAGOS event, Sun, Nov24 at 2pm; I have the opportunity of building a Lagos team & I have 10 free tickets.

If you know anyone resident in Lagos, desirous of success & ready to work with a great management, products, services, training and a partnership that works, ask them to filling this space: http://goo.gl/HP0lSR
“Get out of your head! Stop daydreaming, start day acting. The smallest action is more grand than 1000 intentions.” – Deolu Akinyemi

God bless you!


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