You Can’t Deserve It. But You Deserve It!

I have been at the height of busy for the past one month and haven’t posted much in that period, but i am back again. I have some great thoughts and lessons i will be sharing in the coming days, stay tuned and share with your friends.


Many times, we think it is our effort and work that should provide for us a safe landing on our next level; we think that engaging our new realm of operation or status in life will be because we have worked and worked and worked and worked so hard for it; it is a paradigm so strong that we pray for the best but are consciously working to wards ‘earning’ that next level. But remember the good book says the horse is prepared for the day of battle but victory is of the lord, meaning that the Lord can give victory even without the prepared horse but your horse must be prepared.

I believe in hard work and it sure does pay, but i realize that there are people who work so hard daily displaying their wares on the major highways of Nigeria, running after clients in automobiles and at the serious risk of being hit down, they haggle and give out change all this while in motion. I believe in hard-work but i know there is a greater law at work. Knowing and living it are two different things. No matter how much you know for years, living in the reality of what you know for a second will teach more than head knowledge.  Personally, i pray and open my heart to God for big things but i work so hard like i haven’t prayed. what I didn’t figure out was how long it will take me to a point where others would tell me “you deserve it” and i am still shocked. I personally believe no man deserves the result of their labour. If they do, then God was not in it because God will always do beyond your hands have wrought.

Clearly, we do not ‘deserve’ anything, we cannot merit anything. We do not ‘work’ our way to the top else we will get riches that has sorrow attached. God is the giver of all good things. As the bible says, “our father”, what this means in explanation is “our source”, this is the first realization we need to have as it relates to God, that all that we are and all that we have we derive from our source, the source of all good things, the originator of all good things. He decides to lift one up and bring down the other. God does not legislate with your enemies, friends or family before He can bless you. He is sovereign!

It is on the back drop of this that we all need to be comfortable with God blessing our bread and our water, giving us houses we didn’t build, vineyards we didn’t plant, nations under our feet, kingdoms of this world under our control; we must be comfortable with working very hard yet knowing that God in his grace, mercy, love and sovereignty, is terrible in all his ways and can show up with five loaves and two fish in your worst moment and while you are wondering whether God understands your predicament, He feeds five thousand with just the five loaves and two fish. It is all God, our father, our source and I give him praise for he has dealt with us in grace and mercy.

We have not received just because we asked, because we deserve it or because we have worked and prayed very hard but because He loves us and sees himself, his Christ in us!

Thank God for unmerited favour!


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