I Didn’t Do This Alone!

I didnt do it alone

A famous African proverb says “it takes a village to raise a child”. Nothing could be truer than this truth. It hits the nail on the head. For the purposes of this post, id say “it takes a village to produce a successful man”, or, “every successful person was made successful by the effort of a village” – put another way, “success is by community effort”.

Self-made millionaire is a creation of someone’s poetic fantasy. No one can make it by themselves, no man is an island. The legendary Napoleon Hill makes reference to a concept he calls the “master mind”. This concept simply says every man who desires  to be successful must surround himself with a group of people who are competent at what he is not good at, hence as a unit, they can leverage each other’s capacities and achieve monumental success individually and collectively. No one can claim to have made themselves great. Even if you inherited great wealth, your father who bequeathed that inheritance to you was helped, hence you were indirectly helped. We all need help.

Help may not have come in the most publicized and preferred manner people expect, but help is help and the most insignificant type of help isn’t the most spectacular; its the little things that help survival and produces big breaks from the backside of nowhere. A lot of powerful help many of us have gotten yet over-look include the following below, they are highly priced in my opinion but we do not realize that these actions of our helpers are the reason we are still here and succeed:

  • Free advice..
  • Some badly needed pocket money..
  • Some stranger who gave you a bed when your vehicle got spoilt at night on a journey..
  • A plate of food, much needed that the buka woman handed over when she saw your face..
  • Your ex-girlfriend who introduced you to her childhood friend to become your business partner..
  • Your parents who maybe didn’t do more than give birth to you, but they didn’t at least flush you down the toilet..
  • Remember all the places you volunteered for some work and they accepted you..
  • The laptops of neighbors you borrowed at university..
  • The various apartments you squatted for a bit, else you’d have been on the bridge, on the streets..
  • And the list goes on and on…

Fact is, we have all been helped, and these examples and hundreds more like it all contribute to the package we have become today. You have been helped even by people you don’t know, can’t remember and who can’t remember you. No man is an island. Remain thankful for what you have, where you are, where you are going, and never arrogate honor to yourself because you were helped.

Understanding this fact should necessitate a deliberate effort on our parts to ensure we position ourselves for help by clearly asking for it when we need it. Getting a mentor is one sure-fire way to ensure that you tap into a well of opportunities that can produce forward movement in a shorter time than if you were alone by yourself. “Experience is expensive, get a mentor (help)” – Yoma Victor!

Remember that you must offer help whenever you find yourself in a position to do so, you were given, it behooves upon you to give back in return.


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