FINDING MRS YOMA VICTOR: Wish We Gave It One More Try!

one more try

I have a married friend, and when I say married, I mean – over 5 years; she shared some really interesting perspective with me that stayed with me for the better part of 5 years.

She met her former boy friend who was now married and the question in my heart was, ‘did she still love him?’. I don’t think its difficult to detect a woman in love, she would hardly voice it but it would be well written in bright-yellow and red colours all over her face – its  very difficult to miss. I saw with their interaction, that she still had some feelings for him, as in it was clear and she didn’t deny it. But I guess they both knew better than to cross certain boundaries but that is gist for another year.

My thoughts ran wild to all the close shaves I’ve had, to bitter break-ups and mutual separations not forgetting crushes never acted upon and the ones where… never mind. It seems our lives have been shared with a whole lot of different people at different emotional levels – that na plenty deposits scattered about oh. More especially in this age of social media, we seem to be sharing a bit of our heart/lives with a whole lot of people, though I don’t envy those who never had any experiences of their fingers being burnt. I wonder really that a lot of these ones we call our ‘exes’ weren’t really bad people; truth be told, we can sit down with a lot of our exes and have amazing conversations and healthy friendships with them, taking it further, we can really even have a great relationship or even marriage, may be better than what we are having presently – oops! I said it!

I am listening in recent time to Everybody Knows by John Legend, one of my favorite songs by one one my favorite singers; and really I am asking myself, “what if we gave it one more try?”, anyway, maybe I am the only one here.. I know loads of married folk who feel the same way and even worse; getting in there to realize the grass wasn’t greener on this side – they wish they gave that relationship one more try. I pray God’s grace for you to bear one another’s burdens where you have stepped into. For those who aren’t married yet and are feeling too smart to learn, I wish you well.

Everybody knows but nobody really knows – we may just be signing up for a life of bliss by giving that relationship one more try.


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