Who Told You, You Are Good? What Is Good?


“The steps of a good man are ordered by the lord” is a popular verse of scripture quoted quite regularly and it sort of pumps us up with more confidence as to the place we occupy in God’s wonderful plan for our lives.

Question is, who is a ‘good man’ in God’s eyes? Do not be deceived. God is not moved by our ‘acts’, where those actions proceed from and the motive behind them are pretty important to God. So that I am not painting my own pictures in the sky, check out the story of prophet Hosea in the bible. God asked him to marry a prostitute, and he did. In the eyes of God, that was good, but do you figure that it was easy for his brothers, friends, parents, proteges, family and church to accept that God almighty spoke to him to go and do that ‘terrible’ thing? There was no way he could prove to anyone else that this woman was God’s instruction. When you look at the case of Jesus, when he talked about his death in the hands of the Romans, peter said ‘God forbid’, in the eyes of people, Peter is a good man, but did he meet God’s standard? The examples abound. Mary the mother of Jesus got pregnant before marriage, so basically our lord Jesus Christ was born out of wedlock. In the eyes of everyone, she deserved stoning to death, but was she ‘good’ in the eyes of God? Definitely!

The bible says the good man is the one that hears and does the instruction of his master. The interpretation that humans give to decision has no bearing on what is good with respect to God. There are clear rules on sin and there is no contesting that. What I am passionate about is how we judge the decisions of people based on our idea of right and wrong. Many people have assumed the responsibility of passing other people’s decisions through their own litmus test, through their lens to determine what is good or not.

Every man is on a journey to actualize the dreams that burn on their insides, the decisions they take are good or bad when measured against the instruction their maker has scribbled on their insides. You may judge the good or bad on the basis of being in the know of those instructions. Anything short is BAD on your part. The question is, if you want to know whether you are good or bad, ask yourself, what has the creator scribbled on your heart? Do you even have the consciousness of his presence? Are you connected to your source? These are the questions that need to be ticked off. Once you have an all clear on these questions and have a regular daily contact with your creator, you become the captain of your own ship, the defender of your universe, the pilot of your destiny. You become good or bad with respect to you towing the lines he has given or instructed you in.


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