2013: Reflections Of A Hustler Par Excellence, An Emergent Superstar!

yoma victor

If I were to write down the experiences of my 2013, it would form a book that would inspire millions of people, if it could get into their hands. The experiences i had were nothing short of epic, and this is being modest. I would never have guessed this much when January 2013 kicked off. Now I do not say this out of pride, nor for boasting sake. The truth is, if you knew me at all, I’d just rather gist, have a good laugh and motivate as many people as I can. I am a very confident and obstinate one, but pride isn’t something you’d associate with me, if you knew only a little about me.

I am one man who has been on a journey of purpose for close to two decades now, exercising my right to choose my path and damning the damning consequences of steadfastness to a dream. I knew and saw a higher revelation of myself this year, and in all of this I give thanks. For I see the joy set before me that is why I praise God like there is nobody there. I am honored to have encountered the path of truth and troubles, failures and joy, painful break ups and friends to die for; friends, it hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

The last 12 months tested, and is still testing the boundaries of my spirituality, morality, finances and all the principles I espouse. It has been everything but smooth, matter of fact, I don’t know how smooth got into this narrative. It just seemed like the experiences and turbulence wouldn’t stop. I have come to learn that turbulence only happens if your life is about something great. Just find a reason to die for, find a big compelling dream, roll up your sleeves and put feet to your dreams and you will find the hordes of pain, low cash-flow, hate, tension, stress, heart-break, lack and their lot, encroach upon you all at once. Turbulence is a certainty that you are working out your salvation.

One thing i have always advised loads of young people is, “If you do not know what your life should be about, fine, but ensure you are doing something”; get out there, join a group, volunteer to work, get a small job, go and intern somewhere. Within the boundaries of the activities that you throw yourself into, you will be led into what God has stored up for you. No big vision will suddenly drop on you and cause you to transform. That big success you seek will unfold after a series of small successes.

In 2013, i went out of my way beyond going out of my way, i trusted in faith on many occasions like i had never done before; i lost much more money than i had ever lost before – i mean millions that would get me a fantastic SUV, accommodation in the best parts of Lagos well-furnished and a two – week vacation to a choice location (i would know this since i am a travel consultant abi? *wink*). I hit rock bottom in a couple of deals and life situations this year, but if i didn’t share this here, many would not know because i wrote my first book this year; grew my blog influence, content and follower-ship; became a platinum leader in A2W International; and facilitated fantastic training sessions all over Nigeria. Many see the good parts and have no idea what i deal with daily in life and business. It is unbelievable when i look at some of my mentors and i wonder how they live with having so much more to deal with.

Looking back at some of the hardest and most painful experiences of 2013, i am happy for the privilege of having mentors, having great friends, and last but not the least a great family support system! You will not make it far by yourself. Success in life will require more than what only you can offer even in cases concerning only you! And i am forever grateful to my God, my lord and saviour Jesus Christ, and for the gift of the holy spirit; for i know that life is a lot much more than what we can see. I have an advantage because of the privilege of being a son of God – his agent on earth.

I look up to the hills and my hopes are up, my heart is joyful; yea though he slay me, yet will I trust Him, for I know His thoughts for me are of good. For these painful experiences are working out a far greater weight of glory. I am not forgotten, I smell the abundance of the 2014 rain. I see the new territories to conquer, I recognize the new monies to be made in first class currencies, oh yeah new friendships to cultivate, nations being subdued under my ideas and business dealings; the experience of falling in love over and over again daily with the same one person!

I can’t wait! For those who have made the necessary investments in the past, 2014 and beyond IS THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!


3 responses to “2013: Reflections Of A Hustler Par Excellence, An Emergent Superstar!

  1. I’m in tears… Seems we had similar xperiences in 2013……. Bt in all I’m grateful. S’tin I wtd all year seemd 2 slip ryt thru ma fingers 2day,Oboi I cry O! Bt nw I’m encouraged!!! I remember dis song ‘Encourage urself in d Lord’. 2014 ll b great!!!!! I kw xo Yoma!!! I may nt av investd lyk u bt I kw (lyk u kw) dat 2014 and beyond IS THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!

    • Trust me, you have invested. Investment isnt only in money… you can invest tears, pain, sweat, time, effort, training, loss, learning… There is so much..

      2014 is already the time of our lives! You can cry tears of joy, cos nothing can stop you!

  2. Awesome. I say 2013 was the year of tutorials for me by the many experiences. 2014 is the year of manifestation. Thank you for sharing. When we share, we know we are not alone.

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