Where Failure Is Legitimate Under God!

Suffering is a legitimate requirement to accessing your destiny!


Many are believing a strange gospel that tells them there won’t be any trouble, there won’t be problems, there won’t be any suffering once they have God on their side – i pirry them! It is pure heresy from the perspective of Christianity. The bible book of Psalms say “many are the afflictions of the righteous..”, if you aren’t or haven’t gone  through any suffering or affliction, you may need to check the status of your standing with God. The bible clearly states that the righteous will suffer. Jesus couldn’t enter into his destiny without the requisite suffering, there is a price to pay in God for the responsibility he bestows upon us.

If you do not want to go anywhere far, do anything great or become a person of significance, then you can keep existing in the shadows of men who truly are living! I have heard my mentor say many times that he’d rather be named outside the roll-call of timid men, who neither knew the joy of winning or lessons of failure because they never tried. Too many people are looking for the easy way out, note that looking for the easy way out is the reason men and rivers become crooked. The inheritance that God desires to bestow upon you will come on the platform of unpalatable suffering. Jesus LEARNT obedience by the things he suffered.

There is a reason God allows us go through failure, pain, suffering, temptations, etc; it is simply to birth the reality of our destiny in him. No great man ever amounted to anything without hard times. If they did, you will find that they invested in loads of scheming and hence accessed riches on their own terms. May God not allow you access riches that have sorrow attached. We pray for wealth that endures, wealth without moth or rot, wealth without regrets.

Let the troubles and pains be on your pilgrimage journey, not when you announce to the world that you have arrived. Do not despise the days of little beginnings, because you can make your mistakes anonymously. Don’t stop trying because you are afraid of failing, fail forward baby!  Discover yourself in that suffering, recognize your depth of wisdom in that suffering. God does not hate you, you are being poured out as a comforting drink for many weary souls. Your trouble is equipping you to comfort others who are going through the valley of the shadow of death. It is only but a shadow.

2014 is your year of a whole, new you! Rise up, take up your mat and rejoice on your way home to destiny!I love you!


2 responses to “Where Failure Is Legitimate Under God!

  1. Thanks victor, you have always inspired me with your tweets. Have a great 2014. I can confidently say we shine brighter in affliction and trials.
    So devil bring it on!

  2. Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you Victor. Thank you for always being on point. This has inspired me greatly! God bless you!!

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