If You Are Not A Learner, You Are Dead!

if you are not a learner, you are dead
It is said that if you spend 1 hour/day for 2 years learning something, you will become an expert in that field. Unbelievable right? Think about a professor in any field, following this principle can make you a professor in any field in 2 years. No human brain is incapable of profound exploits. The brain has been discovered and rediscovered to have much more capacity than the best computer man is capable of making. Funny enough, it is the brain of man that produces computers. The brain is a muscle, it can be taught to flex or relax itself.

Bill Gates has a passion for malaria; as we speak, he is so knowledgeable about the subject the he has a front row seat at any conference on malaria in the world, even before many ‘professors’ will get a back seat. And for those who will say he gets a pass because he is wealthy, remember he is not the only billionaire in the world, nor are malaria conferences glamorous places where you find people trying to show off. He has demonstrated sufficient expertise because he learnt about the disease as he has a passion to wipe it from earth. What do you have a passion for? The proof of passion is sacrifice. How much are you willing to expend in the pursuit of your passion? How much are you willing to give-up? What are you losing today that you might gain what you heart desires tomorrow?

Why do we find people having a huge challenge developing extraordinary capacity and ability in their chosen field? It may be due to Laziness or Ignorance. Deolu Akinyemi always says, the ignorance of one’s ignorance is the minimum qualification for admission into the college of fools. You have to know and recognize from this moment that the only hindrance you have, is that you have not recognized your awesome abilities. For others, they embrace laziness – many are tuned out of reading and exercising the muscles of their brains. People would rather sleep than open a book or engage in a study. You lose so much my dear by not opening a book. Reading is the easy option, think about it, that someone had to make the sacrifice of discovering it by trial and error and then went into the rigor of recording their findings/experiences in a book. All you need to do to have their level of knowledge is read! Common, it cant be that difficult. Loving sleep, party, food, TV, etc; at the expense of  reading is the height of personal irresponsibility!

Readers are leaders. There is a whole load of information in books. I heard David Oyedepo say once, that he read 39 books on marriage before he got married; so he knew he couldn’t have issues in his marriage. Books have information, knowledge is getting that information; wisdom is the right application of that knowledge gained. Whatever you desire to become, you can be taught by books, the internet, training seminars, etc. Information in our day and age, is now commodity. Buy the truth and sell it not. If you are not learning, you are not stagnant, you are retrogressing. As far as personal development is concerned, there is always a movement – either forward movement or backward movement.

Life isn’t about taking breaths, it isn’t about existing. Life is about growth, increase, expansion. Its either these or you are retrogressing and dying – breathing but just fluffing around, amounting to nothing. Everything we enjoy today was made by somebody who denied himself of a multitude of pleasures to take up learning and end up producing value.

Is your life valuable? Will your absence be felt? Do you amount to anything in sphere of influence? If  not, it signifies the you have been focused on earning. You need to re-focus on learning. When you learn sufficiently enough, earning becomes a natural occurrence. Who are you becoming? What have you learnt today?


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