Broken, Broken-Hearted, Yet Not Broken!

broken, broken-hearted but not broken

Many are our afflictions but the lord delivers us from them, ALL!

The guarantee of success in all of our endeavors seem to be hoisted on the back drop of our many failures. Many times we have a hard time dealing with hard times, not that we do not recognize that hard times are inevitable, but we just hope and wish that our heart desires would manifest regardless, without us having to deal with hard things. Let it be made known and certain, that what you are looking for is on the other side of your pain. “Frustrate life with your desire to succeed and life will leave you alone” so says the inimitable Leke Alder.

What do you do when it seems like you keep going from hurt to pain to heart-ache to fry pan to fire and it seems like you are approaching hell? You have done all the right things, said all the right words, ticked off all the right boxes yet there seems to be no way out? You give yourself fully into this new relationship after the last painful break-up only to realize that this new guy is a worse evil..? How do you reconcile losing so much money in a venture only to get into another venture and lose much more? Are some people destined for failure and pain while others are blessed with sweat-less success? What is the key to breaking this whole cycle of hard times?

I believe strongly, and it is backed by the universal law of cause and effect and seed-time and harvest that – NOTHING JUST HAPPENS! No single one in all of God’s awe-inspiring creation is here by mistake. No one is born in error without a gift to their generation and the world; there may be illegitimate parents but never illegitimate children. If God put us here, and allows trouble our way, it seems to suggest that what we have been born with, or equipped with needs some refining. Our raw abilities, will not deliver the promised land. It is certain that God rewards faithfulness, as the good book says “he that is faithful in little, more shall be given to him”.

The more that you seek will require more of you. The palace you desire will not materialize until you go through the process of the pit, Portiphar’s house, the false accusation of Portiphar’s wife and the prison. You will feel lost, like no one can get you, and truly, no one will get you; you will have to fake smiles to encourage someone else who is crying over a trouble so little when compared to your trouble. You feel like an island, surrounded not by water but by difficult experiences.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the lord delivers him from them all! You may go through the fire but do not come out smelling the smoke. Its a refining that will give you the audacity to look at millions of people straight in their eyes and tell them “YOU WILL MAKE IT”…


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