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why you should learn about money2A further research was done to find out what the 1% who were financially free did. I tell those around me that knowing that appalling statistics isn’t for us to use in sounding brilliant but for us to sit up and evaluate our lives. First step is finding out “where I’m I?” Or “where I’m I headed”? If 1% of people become financially free at 65 years, they must be doing something thet 99% does not know about, or is not doing.

As we established earlier, only weeds grow with out wetting. Hence only poverty is produced without the right financial skill or education. There is an intelligence that governs various systems. For the forest, the skill for survival is running; in life, the skill for survival is hope; in finances, the skill for survival is financial intelligence; yet we go through 16 years plus of schooling and we are not taught how to make money work, we are rather taught how to work for money.

Going further into researching the lives of the 1%, statistics showed that about 70% of this 1% are entrepreneurs, 10% of the 1% are CEOs, 9% are professionals, and others fall into 7%. The make up of the financially free 1% exposes a critical fact – the highest percentage of people likely to make it are entrepreneurs; you can make it into financial freedom as a CEO, but with chances being 10%, I wonder how that looks like a great option. And by the way, CEO here is talking about heading a multinational, not some run-by-the- way company. Big business is saying “i am CEO with 500 plus employees”.

The two most important options here are CEO and the entrepreneurs for the reason that they  carry the higher options for success and it is the way most people today go. You either get a job (en-route being a CEO), or you start a business (en-route being a successful entrepreneur). Considering that of 100 people employed into a multinational, only one becomes CEO, is pointer to the fact that that option serves a few number. 70% as entrepreneurs prove that we can improve our opportunity to become financially free by being entrepreneurs. For most of us, we run away from the topic of entrepreneurship – i simply define entrepreneurship as “taking responsibility!”. But for most people that start a business, they hardly every become financially free because the goal from the beginning was to be the boss. But really, what should be the goal should bis ensuring that your business grows to the point here you can leave it after a number of years and it still generates adequate income for you.

My friend, any business you are getting into that doesn’t have the capacity to produce income without you in the future, is just another JOB in disguise. You need to know and note this.

Everyone is an entrepreneur – they do not just know this yet. No one is born raising a successful business or living a successful life. you work at it, try and fail and keep trying and you will succeed. But wisdom is profitable to direct. you need financial education to establish your present business as one that will deliver financial freedom in the future. What can you take responsibility for? We live in the best of times, it is easier to create value and make money today than ever before.

Do you want financial education and training? Or do you need advice and help on how you can engage in a business model that will make you financially free in 5 – 7 years? Send me an email at Have a great day!


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