Money Will Not Make You Rich!

money will not make you rich

“If i had a million dollars…”, “If i was the richest man in Nigeria…”, “The kind of money that Mikel earns in a week, if it was me, i’d…“; these aren’t uncommon statements we make daily in different ways but all still having the same underlying factor of money-in-abundance. I believe in money, in the power of money, and i didn’t learn it anywhere else apart from the good book. The bible says “…money answereth all things…“, also, in another passage, it says “you cannot serve God and money“. So anyone who deceives themselves with some religious take on money as though it were not important or that there were more important things is only in my opinion, making an advance  excuse for failure. Money is great, as a matter of fact, if your eye is single, your body will be full of light – if your eyes do not focus on money, your body will not be full of it.

Desire they say is potential, possibility seeking expression; that if the desire or hunger for a thing exists in you, it means that thing exists and is within your capacity to achieve it. God will not create a hunger inside of you that He has no capacity to satisfy. Whatever you are hungry for and focus on satisfying, you will no doubt be satisfied with it. If you want money, and loads of it for that matter over a long period of time, wouldn’t it be nice that you have a good grasp and understanding of money? Money is the most desired things on the face of the earth but the most misunderstood. Let me sound it clearly here, that money will not make you rich! If you disagree, take your minds back to ten, fifteen years ago; do you know people, family friends, neighbors, church members, etc, who used to have a lot of money? They seemed to have it all – cars, clothes, houses, etc; then a few years later, you can’t seem to understand where all the money left to.

People glory in money, but if you will want to boast at all, then boast in your financial intelligence. Statistics show that lottery winners hardly have a good life after winning, because they lose it all in a short while. It is simply because money that hits you without developing you is yours only but for a short while. A fool and his money are soon parted, so the good book says. You must develop financial intelligence before money comes or as the money comes. What will make a billionaire like Donald Trump lose all his money, and then go bankrupt to the tune of 9.2 billion, then make it all back again, when some are practically using their entire lives to recover the $100,000 they lost 20 years ago? Trump was asked, what is rich? He says “rich is a state of mind”, i totally agree, especially coming from a man who made money, lost it and made it back to the billions again.

You must take deliberate steps to get financial intelligence so that you can grow your capacity and ensure that you have wealth that is sustainable. Every truly wealthy person will tell you that they are their greatest asset. Your essence should not be something that is outside of you; money is great but the dynamics of making, managing and multiplying it needs to be put in perspective. It has to do with you, what you know, what you have learnt. You cannot lose sight of the importance associated with financial intelligence and this has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with your academic intelligence. if academic intelligence would make you financially free, then all the professors in the world would be richest men on earth. But alas, the richest man on earth dropped out of school, but in reality, he is very, very financially intelligent.

As Deolu Akinyemi would say, “He that makes money ahead of wits is only for a short while the master of it“. Ensure you make money, but make money that gives you joy. Forty years of plenty and 10 miserable years of loss of wealth at the end of your life will make you forget all the 40 years of glory. But funny enough, one year of sustainable plenty, wipes away the tears of decades of lack, pain and poverty. YOUR LATTER WILL BE GREATER THAN YOUR PAST MY FRIENDS!


2 responses to “Money Will Not Make You Rich!

  1. this write-up is wow but it kept me wondering all day ‘how can I boost my financial intelligence’ and I must admit I mulled over this question and till now,I still can’t find an answer…so i felt I should table it before you,probably you could help me out. it’ll be much of a pleasure to me if you do and to you too cos you’ll help someone grow wide and better as far as ‘financial intelligence’ is concerned. thanks

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