Finding Mrs Yoma Victor: My Love Quest!

Its been a while i wrote here, i have had a pretty intensive 3 weeks, being on a couple of A2W business trips; then i had the privilege of sitting for one week under top-range teachings at WAFBEC conference, you should check it out here: Now i am back with a pretty interesting post today. Enjoy!

love quest

I find love…sorry, we find love in the most awkward of places. I feel like love today, actually i’ve been feeling this way in the past few days.. How do you explain the reality that people you have never met, care about you much more than those you’ve hung out with for ten years? How about the fact that you look around right now and see that you have the privilege of being surrounded by love of family and friends? Juxtapose that with the fact that some people woke up under the bridge today and can’t afford to think about family – survival is their closest family member and they have to think about her daily.

I have said before that any person who says ‘I am self-made’ is a fool of gargantuan proportions. We are a product of so many seeds sown over a period of time by different people God put in our lives. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes the love of the ones around us to keep on keeping on at a fantastic energy level! Do not despise the guy who gives you a lift now and then, he may not look like your type, you may not like him like that, but trust me, he is adding value to your life – at least, you get home faster from work because of him. Also, do not despise the lady that gives you sensible advise now and again..she may just be the garden God has provided and gifted you to tend but you are out there running after a wild forest.
Love is such a great gift. I get inspired by the idea of its vulnerability! You are throwing your heart into someone else’s hand, someone who could do anything with that heart, yet we want to so much get in there and be in love. That you could just be living life straight on, then out of the blues,  gbam – you see a lady and can’t get your mind off her.. Is it something deeper than just liking someone? Does it mean that all the chemicals in my system, brain, limbs, hormones, etc all come together at that point to hit an ace? Is it what she wore? How she spoke? The air she carried? Her charisma? or what exactly gets to work all together in a man and a woman that makes them find each other, irresistible?

How do we get so weak at our knees and the picture of a person seems to crash our world and bring it to a stand still? What is it about this love thing sef? Is it beyond a feeling? Do we choose those we end up with? Can we choose the one we fall in love with? Can we put a pause, or a stop on falling in love? Do we lose control or we can be in control when we are in love?

Falling in love is no exact science but its a phenomenon that the greatest of the greatest ever scientists fall into. God just had to put one up above us.. I am on a mission of self-discovery, I am investigating this falling in love thing and its turning up quite a few discoveries. This is reality TV you all, it is grinding hard, fast, heart-thumping and filled with all the elements for a roller coaster tell tale. As per my expectations? I don’t expect to come back from this mission without an experience of love. And the bible says, my expectation will not be cut short. It would be nice to end this quest this Friday, February 14, it would make a good story. I will share my few experiences here as we get into the valentine frenzy this weekend. Be sure i will give you real-time hard facts about what i find out and who the actors are…for a fee.. Lol..

You have a great week ahead! What you focus on, grows! If you are in a relationship, focus on him or her.. if you are broke, focus on money.. God bless you!


What do you think? Plz share comments

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