This Devil, Is In Your Reaction!

The entirety of your life is a product of your action or your reactions. Your actions put you above, your reactions put you under…

The Devil is in your reaction.1

As propounded by the late Stephen Covey, in his amazing best-seller, the first habit of highly effective people of which there are seven, is PROACTIVITY! Successful people have learnt to create their desired end by their actions not their reactions. If all of your life activity is a response to the actions of others, the universe or your circumstances, chances are that you will not scratch the surface of your dreams – you will spend your life chasing the wind, putting out unnecessary fires, never having a task with your mind set but constantly at the bottom of the achievement food chain. Everyone gets to feed on you, you work for everyone, live off the crumbs from their financial, intellectual, spiritual, religious, social and political tables.

There is a huge advantage in life for those who ‘do’. The decisions that produce the life of your dreams must proceed from your inner conviction not as a result of other people’s actions. Too many people have outsourced the running of their lives to the whims and caprices of others. Too many people believe that someone else outside of them is responsible for the results of their lives.

The first habit of highly effective people is pro-activity. That habit that says “I am responsible for where I find myself today”, what I have, possess or are getting is as a result of the decisions i took yesterday. So all the choices I am making today will produce commensurate results tomorrow. This sort of paradigm is totally revolutionary. This I believe is the real deliverance millions of people need, not the prayer houses they regularly frequent.

The Devil is in your reaction
Take responsibility. Only weeds grow without wetting. All of life is an outcome. All of life is about sowing and reaping. What you put in is what you get, its only a matter of time. If you put nothing into life, expect weeds to grow. Nothing of value happens by chance; if in the event you win a lottery, without having put any financial intelligence in, you will lose it all.

The person responsible for where you find yourself can be found when you stand before a mirror. The fear of failing, of being laughed at, of being shamed, keeps many people far away from the possibility of being successful. Failure is compulsory for success to occur. Your reactions produce a temporary respite, your actions produce lasting results.

What do you truly desire? Pray, study, seek and step out in faith regardless of prevailing circumstances. If success was easy everyone would be rich!


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