Reno Omokri And GEJ’s Propanganda Machine: What Lies Have I Believed Recently?

I am shocked! If Reno Omokri is not sacked in 24-48hours for this attempt to spread deadly rumour and incite chaos and crises, then President Jonathan is either pulling the strings, feeding off the benefits of this sort of executive recklessness and impunity, or he is not even in the show, more-less running it. And those running it are in Aso rock! It has been a long, really long time i blogged on anything political, but the events of the past few days where young people and adults, kids and babies have been senselessly slaughtered, has raised my emotional level to the extent i am mad – mad at the reality that we are on our own, and GEJ doesn’t really care.

I clearly i am not a fan of President Goodluck Jonathan, neither i’m i a fan of many of his critics, but i would never situate my arguments to support my position, on sentiments, religion or ethnicity; and i see that a lot of educated folk are ruled by at least one or a combination of the three factors mentioned. I find it appalling when you criticize a policy or an action of government and you friends say “you have never been president before, you don’t know how it is”, it sickens me because what they imply is that we should not judge the president based on the quality of job done, rather i should look at my limitation and give him a pass? Common! This thinking proceeds from sentiments and tribalism, because if GEJ was a northerner or Muslim, the attitude would have been clearly different for a lot of these folk. The Reno incident that is presently unfolding on social media will shows how this government sets out to misinform, based on the prevailing mindset of the people. It is sad that for example, millions of highly educated people keep buying into the madness that someone is preventing GEJ from ruling this nation. I pity us!

In the wake of Sanusi Lamido being sacked, and the massacre of innocent Nigerians over the last few days, The notorious Senior Special Assistant on New Media to the President Pastor Reno Omokri, decides to continue the propaganda he has been championing for years; feeding gullible Nigerians with near-truths, outright lies, etc against the critics of the president. Unfortunately, these lies he has been feeding the nation, has formed the opinions and philosophies of millions of educated people. now while i have no problem with someone disagreeing with me? I would rather that you had your head in the right place before arguing with me.

Why do i say this?

Pastor Reno Omokri regularly crafts ideas, Blackberry broadcast messages, Facebook posts, tweets, and especially articles that call the reputation of GEJ’s critics into question. And he does this using different twitter handles, Facebook profiles, anonymous articles or letters to blogs, etc. Reno Omokri has through these behind the scene methods, succeeded in using social media and the press to link Buhari and the core north to Boko Haram. He has never shied away from an opportunity to respond to El Rufai, APC, Buhari, etc is the basest possible way. Now, if it all went ahead to broaden the conversation, that will be all well and good, but it is hardly so. Let me make it clear here that i am not saying Sanusi is innocent, or that El Rufai is perfect.

A few hours ago a “Wendell Simlin” sent emails to various bloggers to publish an article that links Sanusi Lamido’s removal to the escalation of terrorist activities of Boko Haram. This message came unsigned and journalist Abang Mercy had to tweet that if a message couldn’t be signed, she couldn’t publish. Due to the ingenuity of Feyi Fawehinmi (@doubleEph) who found him out and traced with Gbenga Sesan (@gbengasesan) the email source through its various digital footprints only to end up finding out that the really incriminating article sent by a “Wendell Simlin”, was actually from Pastor Reno Omokri.

First, a search of “Wendell Simlin” on Facebook produce a photo that had Reno tucked in somewhere in a group photograph (number one mistake and carelessness for someone versed in creating fake profiles), next the writing style in my opinion is standard Reno omokri, if you have been unfortunate to stumble into any one of his previous tirades, then an investigation of email headers and properties of the email showed the originator as Reno Omokri (can you bbelieve his dumbness?)

The letter being sent around:




proof that it originated from Reno

proof that it originated from Reno

Checking properties of the word document

Checking properties of the word document

The email being sent around by "Wendell Simlin"

The email being sent around by “Wendell Simlin”

When you search for this Wendell Simlin on Facebook, you find this photo. Who is wearing a gray suit there?

When you search for this Wendell Simlin on Facebook, you find this photo. Who is wearing a gray suit there?

My question now to you out there is this, “what conclusions have you made, and have been riding on, based on far-fetched creations of the government and its agents?”

As someone said, we live in interesting times. It will be great to always do your best to separate chaff from real stuff when we move forward with the conversation.

A short while ago, this picture on Wendell Simlin’s profile disappeared


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