Trafficking That Substance Produces A Successful Future!

It has been a while. I haven’t blogged in about six weeks, and before that, i didn’t blog regularly for a while too. But i am back and better. It has never been better really. I am thankful to those who regularly asked and checked up on me, people who made me feel guilty for not writing. I love you all.

trafficking faith

Lets start on a pretty deep note this morning. I have recently been on and on about why people who possess everything needed to succeed are not succeeding. In the course of this month, i will be sharing thoughts not Lets start off.

Hope is great!

Having a sure, confident assurance about where you are going in life however, is beyond hope. I have discovered that too many people just have a strong confidence and are trying to emotionally bulldoze their way to a successful future. Hope is great because it keeps us alive, keeps us going, keeps us driving forward for a better tomorrow; but life, God, the universe even, does not respond to hope but to faith. Hope gives longevity to your search for that intangible substance you are hoping to achieve. But without a sure substance, you would be chasing an ideological wind but never achieve anything substantial.

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for. So whatever your dream today, ask yourself “what is the SUBSTANCE of what I am hoping for?; if you find that substance, then situations of life, conditions of living, how people treat you, the state of the nation, etc wont derail you. Your substance is as tangible as your reality. Cornelius Vanderbilt, a billionaire and a model entrepreneur is credited with being a pioneer of the industrial revolution. At the height of the success of his shipping business, regarded then as the biggest in the world earning him the moniker “the commodore”, he sold it all. ii mean, he sold off what was the biggest shipping business and then moved to invest all his money into railway. Friends, he saw something. He has the SUBSTANCE. No one would do such an incredibly ‘insane’ thing without any insurance or back up, with seeing something on the inside – a SUBSTANCE. Vanderbilt went on the own forty percent of the railway in America and was the richest man of his day. The grand central station in New York immortalizes him and his legacy. That is what the substance can do for you.

What are you hoping for? Do you have the substance? That thing that you have seen that is realer to you than anyone else. That thing that you feel yet no one understands simply because it hasn’t been made practical yet, that is your substance. Hold on to it ans take the necessary steps of faith. This is as deep as leaving your current location, starting all over again, launching a new business with someone you just met rather than with friends you have know forever. It could even mean cutting of from family and friends. Whatever that substance, which truly is a title-deed from God about your dream, requires for you to do? DO IT!

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