Think, After ‘The’ Act!


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We are mostly advised to think before we act; while keeping to this is a big deal for the most of us, that isn’t my focus for this post. I want to share my thoughts on thinking after you act. 

My thoughts today are that, even though it is best to think before we act, we need to also think after we act. Thinking after you act helps to save a lot of troubles. The process of thinking after action will serve the purpose of reviewing the results to see how to improve the thought, but also, interestingly, thinking after you act will help you to see the foolishness or otherwise of a rash emotional decision.

Man is mostly egoistic, some in major ways others in minor ways; especially the men. This results in our taking bad decisions on the spur of the moment or in emotionally charged moments, that we realise a short while later, is a bad decision. But we stick to our guns as much as possible – ego! The skill or character of thinking after you act in those sort of moments, serve to ensure that you can retrace your steps, rethink your thinking and choice process, and then embark on a whole new decision. See, a wise man once told me “there is nothing wrong in turning around, once you discover you are on the wrong road”.

I regularly run into situations where after thinking after the action opens my eyes to the foolishness of those decisions. What do I do next? I take immediate steps to rectify the situation. We are not perfect people, but we are perfect for where we are going.

Do not allow a wrong decision turn your life around the wrong way for the rest of your life. Do the simple thing. Think after you act. Learn from the mistakes made. Never allow your mess go to waste.


God bless you!


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