Finding Mrs Yoma Victor: She Slept Over (Story)!

she slept over

This song just dropped in my mind as soon as i ran into this beautiful lady, “…have you ever been in love, you can touch the moonlight…”; being lost in the place where i would rather do nothing when i need to do everything possible, that state when in spite of your troubles, you can find time to just smile and get your insides filled with the thoughts of that one special person. For me, her name was …., okay, never mind.

Her mum had previously warned her about her decision to be with someone like me but she didn’t listen to momsi, she chose to follow her heart. Right or wrong, sometimes we need to step out on our own. Personally, I applauded her because it was the first time she was taking a relationship decision by herself. Make no mistake about it, I loved her. I was madly, crazy in love with her. So her deciding to say yes to my weeks of toasting, was a particularly huge vote of confidence. I felt on top of the world and thought I could do no wrong.

Brethens, if you have ever been bitten by the love bug, you will begin to understand why for both of us, it was “we against the world”. We were so enraptured by this new love, emotions running wide and wild, everyday feeling like sunny in Miami beach, that the first time she decided to visit me at home, my flat mates knew they were no longer welcome after about 30 minutes. I wondered why they just left slipped away and left one after the other. But thinking back now, I realized it had nothing to do with them. I can still see how  we the love-birds were all so touchy, ten pecks per minute, pecks on the forehead, hands, palms, cheeks, sitting on laps, hugs, hands holding, etc. It clearly told my mates that we needed privacy.

That day, a day i would never forget, when i received a voice note telling me that she had missed her period. The annoying part was the fact that from my vantage position today, i can see that that day could have gone a bit differently if we were thinking at all. In life, there are consequences, i now had to deal with her parents and mine. But worse of all, i was faced with another dilemma – i was searching for our love. Where did it go? How did we come from being the hottest coolest couple in the city, to become so cold towards each other? This baby should not separate us; as we discuss modalities for our immediate future, can we recover the love that we once had?

I was in this state of confusion when i was startled out of my nap by the airport loud speakers. They have just made the announcement of the arrival of my business partner’s flight from Heathrow airport, London. I look at her sitting next to me, and i am wondering, if i should allow her come home with me, it is 11pm and she can not go home. But that dream was so real to ignore..


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