Part 2: To Find Purpose, You Must First Die!

continued from yesterday

To find purpose, you must first die

Life is a gift!

We were not given life so that we could just satisfy our personal agendas. There is a lot more to life than setting yourself on a program that delivers dividends to you and your family. We have had millions and millions of families created over the course of time, how many of hem fulfilled purpose? We have had hundreds of millions of lives lived, but how many can we remember for anything more than they being just a part of the number? The good book says, if you try to keep your life, you will lose it; and if you lose your life, you will gain it. The truth is, those who say “if I perish, I perish”, never perish – they actually find purpose.

The only way you can find purpose is to die! Yes, you heard that right. Death is not an end, it is a new beginning. New life forms, when the old perishes. We own nothing that we are struggling to go for, we have no guarantees. The only assurance we can have to be truly joyful is that we lived for something that was beyond us. Our lives count for more when we live for things bigger than ourselves. In my own honest opinion, working just to feed you, yourself and your family is the height of SELFISHNESS! Living just to ensure the security and well-being of you and yours, is the height of SELFISHNESS! Thanking God for your peace and not praying and working for the peace of your community, city, state and nation, is living IRRESPONSIBLY!

Think about it, while you are living for yourself and thinking you owe no one else anything;
1. Someone fixed the roads and is daily monitoring its use and maintenance
2. Someone maintains your power, and manages it so you can watch football
3. Someone is innovating to make your job easier, inventing to make life easier for millions
4. Someone is barely surviving but happily teaching your kids at school, investing in the next generation
5. Someone is fighting daily for your civil rights
6. Some families have no choice but for their bread winners to be in Sambisa forest
7. Someone is daily putting pressure on government to ensure that they #bringbackourgirls
8. Someone is struggling day & night to feed orphans in your community so they don’t pick up guns and rob you at night

The list goes on and on. What you are doing today, how does is affect more than you? How does it represent that childhood dream of changing the world? How does is cause change and imprints your name on the sands of time?

I could ask you to sit down and write you goals, plans and dreams, but no, I’d rather ask you to ask yourself a different question. In answering that,it will help you begin to discover purpose, die to self and help you retrace your steps. If you were attending your funeral 90 years from today, WHAT WOULD YOU. WANT YOUR WIFE, HUSBAND, KIDS, FRIENDS, FAMILY and COLLEAGUES to say about you? Answer this question, and you may just have discovered the truly important reason why you are here!


What do you think? Plz share comments

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