Part 1: How To Get Out Of Debt

How to get out of debt

I believe one proof that we are indeed created in the image of God is the fact that we cherish, protect and assert our dignity and sense of pride as humans. Anything that makes us feel weak, subject to others or at the mercy of others, we do everything within our power to avoid. It is the reason why we had the civil rights movement for equality for all people regardless of their colour. Its the reason why apartheid was pain-painstakingly fought against. Humans were not created to be dominated, we are created to dominate things.

Human beings want to be loved, we want to be treated with respect and dignity. Hence the idea that we, in any way become indebted to another human being is a situation that robs us of our energy, pride, and sense of dignity.

Money is so important that we cannot live a day without spending it even though we live for weeks without making it. Daily expense is common to all but the same can not be said of daily income. When a situation exists such that financial inflow isn’t happening as fast as outflow, many end up trying to fix the inflow by borrowing.

From the beginning of time, borrowing has been the vice of the majority. The act of borrowing gives only a temporary sense of relief but it soon wanes to the reality that we are in worse shape than before we borrowed. Borrowing doesn’t necessarily put you in a position of strength. Even the bible says the borrower is servant to the lender.

Now that was the bad, hard part. On to a another perspective – there are two major types of borrowing. The truth is, not all borrowing is evil, not all borrowing robs you of dignity. As a matter of fact, at the risk of being regarded as one contradicting myself, let me say categorically that You Will Need To Borrow, if, IF you want to be wealthy.

Tomorrow, we will step it up a notch…please share with your friends..


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