FINDING MRS YOMA VICTOR: Fall In Love, More Than Once

Fall in love more than once

Okay, so i have some gist for you. I am  what some people call, a sucker for love!

Falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to any human being, i think it is the closest feeling that comes close to describe the kind of love God has for us. Think about it, what does God gain from loving us, from keeping the world going round, from sustaining the killer after he just kills someone else? What does God gain from allowing the atheist arrive home and get a good night rest? God pouring out this kind of love puts Him in a very vulnerable position, there is nothing to guarantee that His love will be reciprocated. Yet he pours out His love even the more.

Falling in love with someone is close to this in many respects – you have no guarantee in heaven or on earth that the other person would return your love, you can’t even vouch for them sticking with you through it all, you are torn between whether they are there for the short-term or for the long run. It makes you feel so helpless, it leaves you feeling vulnerable and open to hurt, yet we still go ahead and fall in love. Geez, na wah oh!

Love somebody, give it; if its not reciprocated, fine, don’t blame the other, don’t become bitter or hate them. God’s love isn’t reciprocated by all people but God still loves and enjoys loving us. Chances are, when finally you manage to, if you do meet someone that loves you, you may be limited in your ability to show them you love them if you do not develop the habit of loving. Let go, let live baby! Having been in love before, i remember once telling her that everyone should experience this feeling at least once in their life, if they can’t have it forever. I mean, won’t it be crazy to go through life and never experience what it feels like to be so vulnerable and not being in control of everything? Not experiencing it won’t stop you from living your destiny, but common…experience it biko.

I once gave a great friend of mine a candid, honest advice; she hadn’t dated anyone exactly at that time, this beautiful, hardworking, 21 year old beauty, i told her, “say yes to someone, fall in love, get heart-broken, then we can start talking”. Many of my friends were surprised i would say that, but while they were focusing on the “get heart-broken”, i was more about the “fall in love” part, i just wanted to balance the statement. Because i saw someone who wanted to get married to the first guy she dated (which is great too), but in a bid to achieve that, i saw that she was in too much control, it seemed like she was trying to handle herself and be ‘careful’. You can’t be too careful all the time and enjoy some levels of fun, excitement and rush. You have one life to live, the only way to avoid failure is to DO NOTHING, SAY NOTHING & BE NOTHING. Allow yourself enjoy what you feel and if it doesn’t work out, fine, it will hurt; get around friends, pick yourself up and go out there again and.. yea, you got it, fall in love again. Maybe with another person or with a former lover, but for the right reason this time.

How dare you allow another human being stop you from living your life? You made your mistake, you messed up, you cheated or were cheated on; do not shut down just yet. Get up, open your blinds, if you want the sun of righteousness to arising with healing in His wings, you will have to poke your face skywards, and feel the sun pour into your room. Life is too short to shut yourself down and out; allowing someone who is living their life stop you from living your life.




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