My Ray Of Sunshine!

ray of sunshine

She sits at the corner of the corner office..

It happens to be the same office i frequently work in…

Bespectacled beauty of a person…

But don’t be fooled by her calm dependable mien; she is fire and doesn’t play with her work!

Ladies in the work place who do not play, nor ask for any favors to be celebrated, make me happy. I so respect ladies who have a lot on their plate, yet do not expect any favors, they just get out there and do their work; they do their jobs and get on with things. Create solutions, facilitating projects, bring in new ideas and bring color to the work-place.

Who you are and what you become, is a function of how much development you have ensured that you have. You need to become more, to have more. Hoping that you will get ahead just because you are a woman is setting yourself up for being taken advantage of. If you think you are the ‘weaker’ vessel,  and as such should command some favors, then don’t complain when you are groped, sexually harassed, or taken for granted.

Who you are will speak in your work. Only fools doubt proofs! You may not know where you want to be, but you will not find out sitting down or idling away. Get your hands to work with rolled-up sleeves. there is so much you are capable of my dear lady. There is so much personal development material on the street of daily activity, that it takes not wanting to consciously learn not to grow.


One response to “My Ray Of Sunshine!

  1. OMG! This is thought-provoking and a nice piece… God blesses the work of our hands..but that’s when our hands are not idle..yeah! There is dignity in Labour! Welldone!

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