Don’t Tell Me, I Know Who You Are

you are what you say

You are what you say!

I believe this so much that I basically put people where their words locate them. If you want to know who a person really is, listen to what they say over a period of time. Listen to what they are not saying. No one can pretend forever, even the devil as powerful as he is in deception will reveal who is in a short-while no matter how disguised he first walked into a room.

You can evaluate a person’s life from the words that pop out of their mouths; you can tell successful people from their words. What people are, what they are going to be, can be well-defined from their words. This is such a profound truth to dwell on. That words are so powerful in directing our lives to the port we want it to berth, but not only do words determine our destination, they also define who we are.

When you are in a position to decide on a business partnership, a relationship or anything that will require taking someone into your confidence, ensure that you deliberately, consciously listen out for the quality of life they run, engage in as much conversation as possible. Don’t get into bed first and then find out who he or she is later. When your emotions are already tied in, it is difficult to make an intelligent decision if you find out later that they are not who you thought they were.

There is a lot to be revealed in the words of a person.


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