A2W Our Shop Opens In The Abuja!

aloe vera king

A2W is access to opportunity – SIMPLE!

Here are the amazing opportunities that are in ABUJA NOW! We have gone to great lengths to ensure you can leverage the A2W Retail platform.

1. A2W HEALTHY OVEN – The A2W healthy oven helps you cook your food healthy. It drains the oils of your chicken, allows you to lower the cholesterol content of your foods. You can use it to fry potato chips without oil, you can use it to roast plantain (Boli), groundnut, you can make cakes and even bake bread with it. The beauty of the A2W Healthy Oven is, it’s a strong gadget with 1yr warranty. It’s ideal for every home, and it’s the perfect gift for a new couple.


  1. ALOE VERA KING: We have Exclusive distributorship on this beverage. This is ALOE VERA KING Drink; the World’s number 1 selling Aloe Drink!
  • Unbelievable in taste
  • Helps with weight loss, digestion & immune function
  • Eases general discomfort
  • It comes with various natural flavors, each containing 30% aloe
  • No Preservative
  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial Flavor
  • No fat.


  1. A2W IONIZER CUP: There are many benefits of alkaline water, and so many expensive gadgets that produce it. A few of the benefits of alkaline water are – it helps you detoxify your body and get rid of accumulated acid wastes, it helps you hydrate your body helping you regain optimum health, it serves as an antioxidant – scavenging and neutralizing harmful free radicals, alkalize your body’s PH – helping to ensure that diseases like Cancer can’t thrive, alkaline is the normal state of healthy persons. It also helps you enhance your immune system and increase your body’s ability to fight diseases and heal itself. There are many fake cups out in the market. The A2W Alkamight ionizer cup comes with a tester, and delivers on it’s promise.
  1. A2W LGS Gas Regulator with a Gauge: Have you ever suddenly discovered that your gas has finished without notice? A few times? Well, not anymore. A2W has an exclusive deal that allows you to get access to a Gas regulator that not only let’s you know when you gas is finishing, but helps you cut off when it’s leaking.
  • It effectively regulates cooking gas pressure
  • Clearly shows level of gas at any point in time
  • Shuts off the flow of gas automatically in case of major leaks
  • Permanent rubber coil in the inlet valve to prevent minor leaks
  • Produces a higher intensity flame which effectively reduces cooking time


  1. RECHARGEABLE FAN: It’s been quite hot lately, and it’s simply noise pollution and uncomfortable to put on the generator throughout the night. Every family within your neighborhood needs at least 2 standing rechargeable fans per room. A2W has gone all out to get you an a amazing deal.


  1. A2W Children Education Tablet & Schools Tablet: There is still no tab quite like this in the market and at the amazing price point. You have access to customized Children software and learning materials all on the tablet. You also have an HDMI slot and cable that allows you to get what you are doing on the tablet on a bigger TV screen. The Children Educational Tablet is a must have for every child above 3 and less than 11. Don’t cheat your children out of their opportunity to be at par with their mates anywhere in the world. The good thing with this tablet is that it can be used effectively by adults as well, it has 2GB ram and 16Gb memory. It’s expandable and quite rugged. The Schools Tablet enable secondary school students brands the school, provides profit to the school and puts in the hands of the students(secondary school and higher institutions)a tablet that is loaded with 25 years past questions for WAEC, JAMB, NECO; also with 13 subjects that is relevant to the syllabus of Nigeria. There is no end to the possibilities here, all you need to do is get a decision maker of a school(principal or proprietor) and i will ensure we make the presentation and close the deal on your behalf.


  1. A2W POWER BANK: Do you have a phone or any other hand held devices? You have an opportunity to charge it on the go. The A2W Power Bank is double the power rating of most prevalent power banks and gives you the opportunity of charging 5 devices at the same time. It’s branded A2W and is available in many colours. It’s 12,000mAH and it has an 8 months warranty.


  1. A2W WASHING LIQUID: Yes, A2W Refresh! We now have washing liquids and hand wash under the A2W brand name. The Washing Liquid has a lemon fragrance is poised to become a market leader in a matter of months. The A2W Hand Wash has an exciting apple flavour and is already creating rave reviews already. Every home deserves to get a steady supply of washing liquid and hand wash every other week. This is your opportunity to supply all the people on your name list.


  1. ALARM PADLOCK: A security device that is equipped with the ability sound an alarm when an intruder tries to gain access into your shop, garage, home, generators, etc. The alarm is loud sounding and everyone who sees it wants to have it. This positions you to earn extra income from this.


For purchases & delivery in Abuja, call Mr Ifeanyi-08145558826, Mrs Josephine-08030591075 and Mr Onyema on 08152993240 & 08033326816


Kind Regards,

Yoma Victor


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