Yahoo-Yahoo Plus: Step Up Or Set Up?

yahoo yahoo plus

There is so much personal development material on the street of daily activity, that it takes not wanting to consciously learn not to grow. In the last few days, I’ve come to see two interesting sides of a coin. That associations can bring good, and they can bring bad. That common meetings with other mortals, or access to the mind of great men via their books, are some of the most life changing events on this planet. Like the holy book says, he that works with the wise, will be wise, and a companion of fools will be destroyed. Good friends bring about good opportunities, bad friends, bad habits.

I remember how shocked I was in Ife, to hear that there was a new phenomenon called yahoo plus. I wondered what it was, so I asked. I learnt that online scam had stepped up into a new level, people had left the electronic and they had now gone spiritual. Yahoo plus, is the same 419 wealth but by spiritual empowerment. I hear it’s so bad in some of our higher institutions now that it’s alarming. In case you are wondering what kind of spiritual commitment – imagine a student, going to meet a traditionalist to give him the power to get wealth. I hear they engage in very unspeakable things, like digging out dead bodies, sleeping in their place, taking their baths there and going to give the water to the baba. I hear some enter into covenants with their girlfriends towards marriage, while the girlfriend takes the soul plunge on behalf of the family, the baba seals it up with rules and regulations.

Our young people are selling their souls to the devil in wholesale! I was so shocked I refused to believe it, until my informant provided me with tangible evidence of people that were popularly known with yahoo plus. This must be a movie, not reality I said, but I hear right now, there are efforts to fence some graveyards in one of the schools now, because it’s no longer a random event. How did things get that bad? Let me show you. They started with yahoo yahoo… making money online by lying and dubious means. They got used to free money, and now that their yahoo yahoo is not getting quick enough results, that association has made them condescend to a yahoo plus. I don’t know how these two methods relate, but they have found the association.

In the quest for personalized ATM machines in their bedrooms, some peoples children have literally died, while some have entered a covenant with the prince of this world. They who have ears please hear, the company you keep, will make you or mar you; how far you go, and it will drag you deeper or pull you higher. New people are at the vicinity of every vicissitude. One good enterprise can open you up to bigger opportunities, and one bad habit can drag you to the pits! Who are you associating with today? What are you doing today? Where does that road lead?


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