Another Day To Die!

day to die



I have seen a great evil among potentially great people who turn out average. People who years ago showed such great promise that you knew it was only a matter of time, success was theirs but never succeeded. I have seen a reason why they never achieve their obvious potential. Many times we see such people, years later living average, bland lives. People who became a victim of our own desires; casualties on the road to destiny fulfillment. I think they simply, maybe, didn’t esteem our purpose highly enough to put in the work. In my honest opinion, If you love it, be ready to ‘die’ for it.

Discovering why you are here on earth is a big deal for most of humanity. Then to discover it, and still not achieve is a tragedy, one to be avoided. Many a man finally discover their path, or have a glimpse of what they are born to do but they do what many who get lost on the way to their dreams do. THEY PAY LIP-SERVICE TO THEIR DREAMS! The process of staying on the path of your calling will require constant sacrifice, self-denial, delayed gratification, a rolling up of the sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Daily dying to all else but your purpose.

It seems, many discover what it takes to achieve, it seems all so big, huge and a difficult journey to undertake hence they begin to engage in procrastination and excuses. Do not forget that winners have NO EXCUSES – None! I mean, zero-excuses! Excuses are the tools of the incompetent, monuments of nothingness, and they that use them never amount to anything in life. Because to the man getting slain on destiny boulevard, every excuse is good and can’t be faulted. He is transferring the responsibility for his personal success to something outside of him. Such a man will never be successful.

Procrastinating and giving excuses are a pointer to the fact that you are losing touch with your dream. Get a grip. Get back on board. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Achieving your dreams, goals, desires and vision with take a daily dying to self! You will lose to gain; suffer to enjoy; invest to yield dividends; go low to get high.. The good book says, “..except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone..”. For a seed to become a tree of millions of seeds, the planted seed has to first die!

Death is the beginning of abundant life. Where God want to take us is a place where “..the least of us is a thousand men, and at our smallest, we are a mighty nation..” Isaiah 60:22. This promise is too great for me to miss out on. What do I need to do? I’ll do it now! What about you? Are you ready to make this commitment? Then write “What do I need to do? I’ll do it now!” in the comment section, on your phone wallpaper and on the wall in your room or office and lets drive success together. Who is with me?


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