He Turned Out Well, She Turned Out Bad!

cause and effect

We are all creatures of habits. Our thoughts provide us with choices, choices become decisions, decisions determine actions, consistent actions create habits, habits develop into character, and character produces who and what eventually become.

I cannot overemphasize that all of life is an outcome. Every result you see in life is an outcome. Nothing just happens out of thin air. No one wakes up and suddenly becomes a bank manager. There are thoughts, choices, decisions, habits, actions and characters that produce the outcome of someone arriving at the bank manager destination.

Many times people are so bothered about the results and outcomes; the fruit, rather than focus on the root. People are so bothered about influencing and changing the effect, rather than changing the root cause. For example, many who are constantly broke and in need of more cash focus wrongly on the effect. They think the money they  earn is the problem; so they think about getting a better-paying job, pursuing bigger contracts and connections, etc. While going out for more is great, the root cause may be financial intelligence. The fact that he has not learnt to manage money, that while he may be making money, there is managing and multiplying money, which he hasn’t mastered. Hence his financial intelligence score is 1/3 or 33%. This is his cause – lack of financial intelligence.

What you focus on, your re-produce. So if you focus on the wrong end of the spectrum, guess what? You keep on reproducing it. Hence many people keep on reproducing broken relationships; abusive husband after abusive husband; some keep reproducing broke and poor; some others keep reproducing a bad image of themselves because they are looking through the wrong lens; some keep reproducing frustration because rather than focus on what they can produce, they are focused on changing their country of residence; some others keep reproducing wrong relationships in business and life because they focus on moving on rather than changing who they are.

This might look like a simple thought, but it is massive and key to how we turn out. All of life is an OUTCOME! What results are you producing?


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