My Birthday, Today!

It is my birthday, whoop-whoop… Lets Go There!

Yoma Victor

 While I am not as young as I look, I’m not as old as that may sound!

 I have to admit that I have been blessed to have a full life – full of ups, downs, highs, lows, the whole nine yards. I have had an eventful life. To some, when they hear my experiences, it sounds to them like I have lived 2 or 3 life-times (to those admirers, I appreciate the washing). 

Yoma Victor

Yoma Victor

I have so much I have done, but compared to what I am yet to do, see, speak about, experience and accomplish, all past records are nothing compared to the future! I celebrate the one who was, who is and who is to come. I rededicate myself to my purpose, dreams and desires. I celebrate those God has put in my life and those yet to cross my path.

This is me by the grace of God——-> Helping People Succeed | Entrepreneur | Author | Fun-Guy | Social Media | VC | King & Priest | Lover | Uncle to the world’s latest nephew!


I am blessed to have the perfect gift – a nephew; making me an uncle for the first time, one day to my birthday. I am blessed to have Ayo, Ejaren, Erere and Ikuesiri as siblings. My Dad and Mum I owe too much to talk enough about; my fathers and mothers scattered all over in Sapele, Lagos, Ilorin, Port Harcourt, Ekiti; my friends of forever – paddies for laif and the love of my life – i love you all.

For “the least of me is a thousand men, and the smallest of me, is a mighty nation”. God, great God, I love you and celebrate you, my king!

Let the party begin, find something drink and chew on my behalf, wherever you dey.. *wink*


11 responses to “My Birthday, Today!

  1. Happy birthday Oyoma. When I look at u I remember that my little school son at uniport. I’m so proud of u. May God continue to prosper and make ur light shine IJN

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