Died Doing Their Jobs (Dedicated To Dr Adadevoh & Co)

Dr Stella Adadevoh

How we manage our lives show the eternal value we place on it.

I have at various times wondered what it cost many who gave up their lives for one cause or the other to do so. Men and women who transverse this space called earth and encounter situations many had encountered in the past, but when it got to their turn, they decided against passing on the buck but stood their ground at great risks to their lives.

It’s not far-fetched to understand why death is called the ultimate sacrifice! The fear of death ranks pretty high in the list of things humans are scared about. people will do anything to protect their lives and since humans are naturally selfish, someone giving up his or her life is regarded with the utmost respect, regard, awe and admiration. It is the height of selflessness.

What on earth would make a person stare death face down for a cause? What on earth would make a person give up their life for a cause? Ok, maybe the answer is not on earth. Maybe it is beyond earth, it has got to be beyond earth. It means there is something more tangible that inspires their sacrifice and in a bid to touch that thing, they decide for a trip to the other side. that death loses its power when the fear of it disappears!

There are too many examples of worthwhile sacrifice on the face of the earth. Recently in Nigeria, with the outbreak of the dreaded ebola virus, we have the brave story of Dr Ameyo Adadevoh who did millions and millions of Nigerians a great service by stopping the potential spread of the virus, in the process, she and her nurse lost their lives while others who are in our prayers are battling the illness. They could have been lax in their duties, they could have bent the rules and allowed Patrick Sawyer leave, especially with the insistence of the Liberian embassy and ECOWAS officials. But coming to work and being diligent in their duties, nothing in their minds that day told them they were going to pay the ultimate price. They simply DID their jobs. They simply stuck to the rules. They simply didnt allow a patient with a yet unverified ailment leave the hospital. They gave up their lives in the process of doing their jobs.

What a sacrifice!

The way we manage our lives and the work God has put in our hands has eternal value! We need to start living for posterity beyond prosperity. God bless these beautiful women and all the nameless heroes in the various parts of Nigeria, standing their ground and doing their bit to make the nation and our world great.


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