What If They Are Right?

what if they were right?

What others think about you may not matter if you are different from their opinion and that difference is the difference God created you to make on earth. Not caring about what people think might sound good, and look like a sign of being your own person bu be reminded that Jesus asked his disciples “who do men say I am?”. Now beyond what other men thought about Him, Jesus asked his disciples what they thought about him.

The opinion your closest people have about you is too important to be unconcerned about. If the closest people to you, those who see you daily, who share your home, your bed, your food, and your space, do not have a healthy idea of you, it means there is a big problem. Its either you are disconnected from them or they just plain hate anything about you.

The people around you are a mirror by which you can judge yourself. You see who you are more clearly when you look in the eyes of those closest to you. Their anger, joy, happiness, frustrations, commendations and even silence, go a long way to show how they judge you. Don’t stay living in a fool’s paradise, they might not be right all the time but they reveal a whole lot if we are ready to listen.

Those who are married, or are in relationships (especially the men), will do the world a lot of good if they will esteem the correction of their partners highly. Many times, we take the frustrations of those closest to us for granted, maybe because we see them everyday or have them around us all the time. God placed people in our lives for a reason. One will chase a thousand, two will chase tens of thousands. Don’t stand alone, interdependence will save your life! God bless you!


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