Relationship First, Blessing Next!

relationship first, blessing next

I recently listened to a message from my beloved Pastor, ‘Poju Oyemade on relationships, and he made a profound statement,  “it is a good relationship that produces great blessings not the other way round”. This is such a deep and insightful concept for those of us who would really want to succeed in life. The reality is that people look out for blessed people to get into relationship with, obviously because of what they can benefit. It is the default pattern of human beings.

Investing in building the right relationships is the right step to take if we are going to be successful. It means who you are becoming is what you place on the front-burner in how you live. Personal character development will ensure that in deep calling unto deep,  you are attracted and attractive to the right people. Those whose motivating factor for getting into a relationship is to contribute,  get the right relationships. They take responsibility to work hard at becoming a better person .

If the blessings and external niceties are the motivating factor for your getting into any relationship, that relationship is sure to be brief and not end well. It will be a parasitic relationship! God clearly blesses people through other people. Men are the channels of God’s blessings. God so designed the world in such a way that everyone can be blessed and be a blessing to others. But scheming and positioning to get into a relationship simply because it will look great on you, your pocket or your outlook is putting the cart before the horse. It will end in disaster and sadness.

God said “..male and female created he them; and the lord blessed them and said to them be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, have dominion..”. God didn’t say the earth is now fruitful, so my people, go and meet there, no! God said “them”, which means they the fruitfulness, multiplication and dominion that God blesses us with is a by-product of relationships (male and female coming together). This fruitfulness, multiplication and dominion also applies to all other forms of relationships, business, life, etc.

Relationships are an amazing concept put together by God so he can channel massive blessings. Friends, it is relationships first, and then the blessings follow. Hence develop yourself, develop your character, develop your relationships and watch massive blessings follow.


2 responses to “Relationship First, Blessing Next!

    • No of course not. I used that as an example and added

      “This fruitfulness, multiplication and dominion also applies to all other forms of relationships, business, life, etc.”

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