Bring Back Our Girls!

#BringBackOurGirls happens to be one of the most recognized hashtags in the world.

I was in Abuja about a month ago and couldn’t help not getting to the daily sit out for the Chibok girls, and the tenacity of the Nigerians who had been coming there for over 100 days really astounded me. Do you understand or imagine how crazy they look to friends, neighbors and colleagues? Then especially with the threats, intimidation and harassment visited on them, these Nigerians have show what it really means to be HUMAN!

Getting in contact with our shared humanity is exactly what births patriotism. Kindness births compassion.
This sit out for the Chibok girls to me is a whole new sense of nationalism.
I am astounded at the tenacity, sacrifice, humanity, sense of purpose that these Nigerians show and still show till today.

We can’t lose our humanity!  We can’t lose the essence that makes us humans. We are not humans because we can eat, speak, work and build careers, doing our best to be better than the next human being. We are humans because we care, because our heart is responsive to the pains of other humans.

If you have never thought about life beyond yourself, if you have never made a sacrifice to make someone else comfortable; if the plight of your nation, state, city or community hasn’t inspired you to do something, take a stand or walk the streets, you need to question your humanity.


What do you think? Plz share comments

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