How Did You Get Here??


There is a way that seemeth right but the end thereof is the way of destruction.

Destination should inform your present decisions. I can’t emphasize how much this mantra has helped me; on the other hand I have also had experiences of how much not heeding this has led me into trouble thankfully, the situation wasn’t fatal. Asking ourselves pertinent questions with respect to our daily actions is key to arriving at our dreams. Nothing just happens. You won’t stumble in to success and abundance. Everything that happens is made to happen, results in life are all outcomes. Hence being deliberate is key for anyone who desires success in life, business, career, relationships, etc. Friends, what motivates your daily action? Are you going with the crowd? Going with a faulty philosophy or giving thought to the things that matter at the end?

I continually learn – the process of personal development is a continuous process of trying and failing and learning from the mistakes. No one is above mistakes but once you pass a class, life expects you to go from glory to glory. Giving excuses when you should know better is retrogression.

Many times over-excitement, emotions and pecuniary benefits motivates us to forget the end when making decisions in relationships, friendships, business partnerships, etc. Note this: when emotions are high, intelligence is low. High emotions include anger, pride, egoism, infatuation, hate, irritation, crowd mentality, happiness, excitement, etc. Decisions taken with a preponderance of any of these emotions ruling, has a high possibility of producing ‘unintelligent’ decisions.

When people are caught after committing rape, burglary, etc; and they keep saying ‘I don’t know what got into me” or “the devil caused this”, it gives us an idea into the outcome of unintelligent decisions. Of course these examples here are extreme cases. Everyday our present day decisions are producing an end that we may like or not, the only way we can guarantee our preferred end is to ensure that our present decisions are taken with the end we desire in mind.

Your destination, as a matter of priority, should determine your everyday decisions.


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