Masters Of Understatement!


We all want to be successful, we all want to get to the top. We all want to become billionaires. Now my thought today is not about how to get to the top. My assumption even though flawed, is that we will all get to the top. But wait a minute, is getting to the top, the be all? Does it mean that once we get to our ‘tops’, our journey is ended?

I don’t admire every successful Tom, Dick and Harry, but in my interactions with highly successful people in various fields , i have come to glean that there is a substance, an ingredient inside of them that shows a great deal of effort to understate their true value. As ‘Poju Oyemade says, “..they are masters of understatement..”. Why?

While there might be different opinions, my perspective is very simple – getting to the top is easier than staying at the top. We are all mostly concentrated on getting to the top that we lose time preparing for the stay at the top. In my lessons on financial intelligence, i regularly share with my audience that who you become on the journey to financial freedom, is more important than the money you make. That money can come and go but the intelligence, skills, knowledge, wisdom and character developed in the process is more lasting. That is what we should lay more emphasis on. Those are the qualities that ensure staying on top.

Being very successful and rude is a sure sign that your time at the top would be short. I heard David Ibieyomie say ” Rudeness is a weak person’s imitation of strength “. Pride is a dangerous activity to engage in if you desire lifetime essence and influence at the top of your game. Talent will take you to the top, but character will keep you there. While you are out there, on your journey to the top, consciously build capacity for staying on top. Do not let life-defining lessons  pass by unnoticed. Big things come in small packages. Building character is more difficult, making money is easier. You can even have a wrong idea of how much your character has been molded until you are tested with crisis, confusion, loss, etc. Hence if you want to stay on top, you need to engage life consciously and build the capacity needed for winning the war of life – STAYING ON TOP!


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