love is a verb

I saw the title of this post as a friend’s BBM display message a few days back and it struck all sorts of the right chords with me. We live it, we think it, we assume it, but do we really realize in essence that love is a verb? Okay, maybe i should start from the definition of a verb. A verb is a ‘doing’ word, it is the part of speech (or word class) that describes an action or occurrence or indicates a state of being. So you have go, come, jump, fly, dance, eat, etc. All these are verbs. But dare i say that the greatest of them all is LOVE!

What is the implication of love as a doing word? It simply means that if your love ends as sound proceeding from your mouth, it has fallen short of the glory. If your love finds expression only on the pages of paper and mobile devices, it certainly has no glory attached. Action is what gives expression to love. Now before you all say Yoma talks money a lot, so he is all about showing love with money. Please hold on, don’t judge. While i do seriously agree and advocate for the employment of money, and not a small deal of it in producing the actions associated with love; while i regularly say that love is capital intensive (capital is not only money), i also know how the little things matter and go a long way.

As a mater of fact, the truth is that, the little things even rock steady big time in the heart of your love interest:

the “i just called to know if you have gotten home”…
the “i just called to find out if you have eaten”..
the light careless touch on the hand at the cinema..
those walks with him or her that you would never walk with anyone else because it will be too long and boring..
the carelessly said, “i just saw this and thought you would love it”..
the endless messages and missed calls “just because i didn’t hear from you yesterday”…
the “call me wen you get home safely”, yet they call you even before you call back…

I could go on and on and on… LOVE is an action word. Everyone is capable of the actions that should follow love, it takes deliberate effort, consciously factoring the other person into every action, activity and thought. All these little things also include the vacations, car gifts, clothes, jewelry, accessories, date nights, etc; understanding that in love, little or big is relative. Show me your love by your words and i will show you a higher revelation of my love by its actions. *straight face*, *no puns intended*.

Why are the actions of love so important? In my humble opinion, it is for the sole reason that, people may forget what you said, they actually do forget what you say but they never forget how you made them FEEL. The only way to make them forget a good feeling, is to replace it with bad feelings. Remember that hate is a verb too. It is the way human beings are wired. This understanding is employed in marketing, such that a good advert wants to make you feel good about the product or service being actually advertised. Public speakers, pastors, politicians employ the same strategic understanding, that humans are emotional beings and once you connect on that level, many times, logic is thrown into the dustbin. For example, someone says “Pastor was awesome today”, he is asked, “what did he preach”, the person pauses and continues “oh boy, the message was awesome”… He obviously has forgotten what pastor preached but the way pastor made him feel was still evident.

Love is a gift. Having the ability to love another person is a gift. When it goes both ways, people can change the world! When you find someone to love, keep giving love… it is more blessed to give than to receive. Every wounded heart can be healed, every healed heart can be given new experience. Some call it new wine, yeah it is your actions that produce the desired effect. Love is a verb! Get to work and DO!


What do you think? Plz share comments

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