These Graduates Are A Piss-Off…

These graduates piss me off


I looked at a group of people and while all sorts of things were going through my head, what i really wanted to say to them was SHUT UP, GET UP AND SELL SOMETHING JOR! How can you sit and complain about the family you are from, the state you are from or the country you are from for so long? How can you keep hoping you lived in Lagos, and then those in Lagos hoped it was London or America? How can your excuse be the university you attended or didn’t attend? How can you place  the reason for your failure or success outside of yourself even in this day and age of so much information, opportunity and what i call the democratization of wealth creation? It is appalling and it totally disgusts me when i hear complaints from people that finished their secondary school education, get to complain that there is nobody to help them or that there are no jobs, seriously? The worse set of people are those who call themselves graduates yet continually blame the government, politicians and wealthy people for the situation of their lives. Its is ANNOYING!

For crying out loud, those who made it from totally nothing in your environment, who gave help to them? I met a graduate lady who went to great lengths to prove that someone i was talking about came from some privileged background. We went back and forth over the various factors in his life and found no privilege, when i finally showed her the guy came from nowhere, she asked what university he attended, i said Obafemi Awolowo University, she said, who did he know when he graduated? I mean, i saw her as a lost case. Please ladies and gentlemen, hear me o people of God – NO ONE OUTSIDE OF YOU IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHERE YOU WILL GET TO. I regularly tell folk in my sessions to say this statement of pro-activity “where i am today, is my fault!”. I mean, you can print this statement out, paste it up where you will wake up to see it every morning, put it on your phone wall paper, and regularly say it when you wake up every morning. Friends, it will change your thinking and how you begin to see life. Once you accept that where you are today is your fault, it registers inside of you that you can then change where you desire to be tomorrow.

Next you need to change your economic outlook, you need to start making income. One of the best ways to develop responsibility and maturity is in offering value, getting paid for it. You need to have the experience and mind-stretching activity of taking care of yourself, feeding, clothing, paying rent and using your income to plan your route to the top. The bible says that he that does not work should not eat, work is the channel through which God will bless you and bring you into destiny. Those who cannot generate income are slaves to others and it inhibits their ability to have their say, which every human being so desires. You need to make income. If what you earn today is not enough for you to live on and have extra that regularly goes into savings that you can invest in the next 2-3 years, then you NEED to generate extra income. And guess what? The easiest way to generate income is to sell something. Before you cringe, note that you will never be wealthy if you do not SELL! So you can choose to be a small player, be in financial distress, never have enough most of the time, or you can decide to dump the foolishness of “i am looking for a graduate job”, and get to work.

I have seen young people say that their degree has a certain job level attached to it – i agree. I recall that the founder of Facebook dropped out of school but he employs staff who have masters from Havard! While i do not despise getting a job, understand that even the process of getting a job is selling yourself; that is how much important this subject is. You have talents, ideas, skills, products, services all around you that you can offer as value to others for income, take advantage, position yourself. Your degree is the rooftop, your potential is the skies, which would you prefer? Don’t make your degree a hindrance to yourself, you went to a higher institution so you could develop people skills and not much more really. The way someone put it, he says school is for those who haven’t found what they want to do with their lives, the person who made this statement came out of school with a first class degree, go figure. Even if you do not know what you want to do with your life, just get out there and start doing something, you will find out in the process of daily business activity. I believe that even if you do not know where you are going, go with people who know where they are going, you can’t be lost.

Hey, graduate, don’t get high on your paper, what value can you produce?



2 responses to “These Graduates Are A Piss-Off…

  1. Hi Yoma.
    Nice piece. Just coming from the gym and I opened my phone. It’s 6.30 am here in Canada. We’ll talk soon. God bless.

    • Wow, great. I have been meaning to do you a mail, i will ensure i do that today. Enjoy your trip sir, things are looking good.

      Thanks for your nice words on my piece, this is at the heart of what we are working at. God bless you too

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