Cracking The Selling Code – 1


cracking the selling code

Selling is a skill, it can be learnt. At the most basic level, learning any skill or anything really, is a matter of doing that very thing over and over and over again. In the process of time, you become a genius, if you do it long enough. There seems to be a deception out there, that for you to be a good marketer of a product or a service, you need to be an extrovert, be outgoing or have some sort of out-going personality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being a good marketer is actually by far, some distance from that assumption. Like one of my teachers said, when you look at the reason people buy, you can understand better how to sell. Take a chill and think, why did you buy from those you’ve bought from in the last 6 months?

Research has shown that majorly, people buy from others for three major reasons. They buy from you if they know you, like you or trust you. Looking at ‘like’, ‘know’ and ‘trust’, the word that easily comes to mind is EMOTIONS. That is, the buying pattern, habit or quality of most people is tied to their emotions. People are emotional creations, and money being an important part of our lives helps us clearly see that people part with their money emotionally, whether it is the right emotion or not, the fact is buying is an emotional event for most people.

Therefore, a wise seller would do well to position themselves in a manner that appeals to the emotions of their prospective clients. Emotional tie-in, is the reason why companies will pay millions of naira to a Nollywood actor to advertise their product. Why? They understand that, the fans of that actor, who already like him or her, will favorably consider a product the actor is identifying with. People react to celebrities they love like they know them. For example, many feel like saka is their guy, they feel they know him, they relate to him very well, hence companies who work with him have a possibility of gaining your audience and patronage.

If major companies know and practice this, why do you think you should do things any differently? You have people around you who already know you, some others that like you and certain people that trust you. You need to look at selling to them. Or have them recommend you to their network to buy from you. Then for those that trust you, you have a good opportunity to raise funding for your business. Understand that there is a skill to selling. There is an attitude to selling and there is a character to selling.

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