Cracking The Selling Code – 2

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cracking the selling code


Whether you like it or not, agree or not, realize it or not, the reality of life is that we are all selling something. We are all putting something out there for the world to patronize, why not get deliberate about it? Entrepreneurship in my opinion is simply “taking responsibility”, if you are not building your dream, someone is employing you to build theirs. You can’t coast along in life and arrive at a preferred destination, life will happen to you and dump you where it wills. If you are in a place where you need to generate more income, get out there and do it. Nothing good will come easy. you will lose money to make money, lose old friends to enter new networks, dump old habits to develop new skills, become more so you can have more; if you want to get to where you really need to get to in life.

Like we shared yesterday, people will only buy from you if they like you, know you or trust you. This should be a factor to leverage, learn and leverage rightly, not a process to circumvent. We use things and love people, not use people and love things. The idea that you can circumvent a process for gains is a function of short-term thinking. Why i’m i going in this direction in this discourse? It is because, there is an evil i see among the people of this world; in today’s desperation to make it at all costs, they betray their consciences and use underhanded methods to generate sales and income. They cheat people that love them, that trust them and people that know them. While that would make you win that battle in the short-term, hardly will you win the war of financial freedom in life.

I learnt a very key lesson from my mentor recently and it helped put a lot of thongs in perspective. Wealthy people are those who create products or services that they can sell to their customers repeatedly over a life time period. So making one sale and being happy you nicked it and tricked someone into buying may make you some income today but won’t help you win in the end. On the other hand, you may not even be tricking anyone, but doing anything, just anything to make a sale and not being concerned about the long-term value of that sale, is wrong. Friends, talent will take you to the top, character will keep you there.

Why sell to someone today and not be able to sell to that same person tomorrow? I am in the travel business and i have had many instances of people telling me they can get it cheaper somewhere else, some of them expect me to convince them by reducing my fees but i normally just tell them, you can get it cheaper out there but not for exactly what i am offering, i am offering the best value at this price. Many still go out there and after having terrible hotel experiences not to talk about bad logistic arrangement, they come to me in subsequent travel packages; guess what, i have built trust, i have let the client know i am a stickler for quality and good service delivery and the customer is less like to argue with my fees this time so i can leverage that trust and good will to make good sales but also get referrals for further sales.

While you are making this decision for taking the bull by the horns, understand that you are on a journey to financial freedom and who you become in the journey, is more important than just money. Money is key and important, but before your blow up and make all the monies, lay a foundation for the right principles and attitudes that will produce long term wealth.

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