Cracking The Selling Code – 3

continued from yesterday

cracking the selling code

Sellers rule! In life, there are two types of people, buyers and sellers. You must fall into one of both categories, there is no third option!  We are all buying, interestingly; whether you make money in a day or not, you must have expenses. You can avoid making money, but you cannot escape spending money. Hence those who position themselves as sellers, do a whole lot of good to themselves and their future. You are a slave to whatever you do not control, in these two variances, selling is where control is. It takes initiative to produce value, takes discipline to craft it and delay gratification just to make someone else happy enough to part with their cash. It takes a lot of sacrifice to go into the market place and sweat it out balancing the books. Your ability to go through all of these, positions you at a higher responsibility level, compared to one who just whips out the cash that they most likely borrowed, to buy.

The balance of life is tipped in favor of those who create value – those who take control. My mentor says, if you say “you are not responsible for it, you are not responsible“. Reality is that, only those who are responsible and proactive enough within their spaces to take control of their inflow and outflow via business activities, will run the town! You won’t get too far being at the mercy of those who take control. Telling yourself, “if it is to be, it is up to me”, “where i am today is my fault”, will register in your consciousness the fact that you either take control or you give up control, there is no vacuum in this space.

When a graduate, executive, entrepreneur, house wife, civil servant, etc say things like, “i do not have time,” “there are not enough jobs”, “my work is too demanding”, “i am not cut out for business”, “the country is bad”, ” i wish i was born in a different nation”, etc. These are all indications of lack of control, it is a people who are dependent, a people who have refused to be responsible and have left themselves to the whims and caprices of those around them who have taken control. Lack of control is irresponsibility. I like the way my pastor puts it, he says if you want to complain about Nigeria, fine, but before you do so, ensure you succeed – succeed first, then you can have the justification to complain. When you are not successful at anything and you complain, you betray your irresponsibility.

Now how does all these have to do with cracking the selling code? Its simply my understanding, that what causes many to restrict themselves from do so much, the reason they stop themselves, the reason they give up control and can’t sell, or offer value to people for money is the paradigm they have. And changing that paradigm is very key to seeing yourself as a seller. You do not need any motivation or incentive to buy – you will buy to survive  but to thrive, you will need an incentive to sell. Ladies and gentlemen, this post was about giving you that incentive. You buy, you are under, you sell, you are on top!


we will end this series tomorrow, stay blessed!


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