Cracking The Selling Code – 4

Continued from last week here

cracking the selling code


In part 2 of this series, i mentioned the fact that people only buy form you because they know you, like you or trust you; further making the point that like, trust and knowing all have to deal with emotions. Selling is an emotional experience. “Selling is the art of transferring emotions” – Unknown. For you therefore to connect with the emotions of the clients, you need to know what you are selling and be passionate about offering it to a customer. The paradigm while selling, is also very important. The paradigm to have is one that says “i am offering help”, “i am offering a solution.”. It is often said that if you create solutions, you make money. Begin to see your selling as a means to solving people’s problems. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care; making a sale is not ripping your client off, it is helping them out. You want to position your dealings with this paradigm.

You cannot sell what you do not know. If you are not confident about it, you cannot convince others to part with their hard earned income; except you want to trick them. The first thing you want to do is know exactly what you are selling, understand the product or service. Once you have these locked down, you now know how to craft your sales-pitch. In my little experience, you will hardly use the default settings of your sales pitch because people are coming from different experiences, you want to practice emphatic listening. You want to seek first to understand, before being understood, so that you can modify your pitch to fit the necessary situation. Many times, we kill a sale just because we couldn’t wait to reel out the pitch we have so much practiced. Some times, we should just listen to the client, no matter how badly and desperately we want the sale, we do not want to scare the prospect or sound impersonal. You do not want to make the prospect feel like you are ripping them off, or using them. “Stop selling, start helping” – Zig Ziglar. 

You also want to be strategic about how you go about things; the bottom line is that you are here for business, you are here to make money. You want to ensure that you are talking to a decision maker when you step into an organisation to make a sale. Your talking to the decision maker doesn’t make the gate-man, driver or receptionist irrelevant, it just makes you put them in perspective. While you don’t want to be discussing a major sale to a company with the receptionist who can’t take a decision on the sale, you also don’t want to treat them like thrash because they may be your VIP access to the oga-at-the-top if you leverage a good rapport with them.

How can you make a sale if you do not understand your account? You want to land an account yet you have no idea what their peculiarity is, what their business and industry is about, what value they will be glad to enjoy, etc? You must understand the feedback mechanism while making a sale, you are not talking to the wall, you are not leaving a string of commands to some subordinate; rather, you are trying to get the pulse of a prospect so that you can adequately solve their problem via a relevant sale. Selling ice to an Eskimo is corruption. You want to sell in a manner that will ensure you can keep selling to the same client for a long period of time. A good way of ensuring this repeat buy it to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER!

Practice, practice, practice; those are the three major skills required at this point in becoming a great sales person. No matter how many times you read books on selling or articles on the subject, there is no substitute for getting out there to practice. Doers and not readers produce sales. Are you willing to commit to this? Does your ultimate goal produce enough motivation for you to learn, develop and practice this skill necessary for wealth creation?

I wish you success as you take the necessary steps. I am here to help all the way –


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