Travel Light Or Get Left behind!

travel light

I am sure you have made the statement – “if you know what i was going through.., “you won’t understand..”, etc. The reality i have come to realize in life is that there is no man without issues. Everyone is “..going through..“; we all have what we are dealing with. The earlier you realize this, the better, because we will free ourselves and other people from pressure. As a matter of fact, men will be delivered from your expectations of them. Those statements above inspire you to stay in a place of need and needing others to be compassionate, and providing help, allowance or compromise their standards at that moment for you. If only you knew that the person you were telling, had more issues than you had.

I am right now in an amazing mentor-ship class and an interesting incident occurred. We were encouraged to share what we considered to be personal challenges on the first day of the class, and a gentleman narrated his deep financial challenges in business, having lost all his business and then managing to get a job, he got duped and then having the EFCC coming after him. As soon as he said that, the man next to me whispered “Okay, i have no problem”. I immediately burst into laughter. Now, what do we think happened? He literally saw his challenge as little compared to the other man who interestingly was smiling while sharing. HOW YOU SEE THE PROBLEM IS THE ONLY PROBLEM!

Challenges, crisis, problems are a gift! Not everyone has the opportunity you have to go through what you are going through, do not lose the value in that challenge. Trying to get others to feel sorry for you, trying to manipulate people and situations just to out and ahead will circumvent the process. God has a purpose for your trouble. The way you handle the challenge will make it light or heavy. Guys, travel light all the time – your’s isn’t the worst problem in the world. You need to rejoice though, no matter how hard it may seem because without that challenge, there is no VIP access into your next level. Your future is waiting for you to knock down that demon. Stop going around trying to introduce that challenge to everyone. If you need to tell people about anything, tell them about where you are going. If you are going through fire, ensure you don’t come out smelling burnt, come out refined!

Many times, the only reason we are going through challenges in finance, business, marriage, relationships, etc is for others; that other people may have an example to be encouraged by. Life is not all about you, interdependence is the height of productive living. Re-position yourself, shut down your pity party, get a close friend or confidant who wouldn’t judge you and share your challenges with them. One way to overcome the pressure of feeling heavy is to exhale by sharing. “Woe to him who is alone..” – Bible (paraphrased).  I for one have learnt in the last few years to share, it is not an easy thing to do if you are a pretty independent person, but i realize that even when you aren’t one to shove your issues in front of people’s faces, just because you don’t share, you get depressed because you are all by yourself. Do not be alone, you won’t make the right choices being alone. And when you share, you travel your journey lighter.


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